Dwelvers Journal 2014.09.07 - New Dwelvers trailer and new office
New Dwelvers Trailer v2.0

Some of you may have already seen this trailer as I posted it on the forum earlier this week. This is the third attempt of making a good trailer video to Steam Early Access. I want to thank all of you here at the forum for the honest feedback I got when making and presenting the different videos, it took me an extra workday to get it finished thanks to your feedback, but it was definitely worth it Smile

Here is a link to the earlier trailers and to the discussion we had: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=1111

New Office

This is so exciting, I have just got a new office together with a couple of friends where I can develop Dwelvers from. My motivation is through the roof! I was getting a little tired working from home, there were a lot of distractions when I worked, and when I didn't work I got a bad conscience, so I really needed a change of scenery! My office hours are now between 8 am until the evening on the weekdays, I will still be here on the weekends, but the time is a little bit more flexible. I have been here since Tuesday, we moved in a little early and parts of the building is still a construction site, so I will wait until everything is finished before posting any photos.

Primary it is me and two of my friends that works here, we all have our own projects but as we all are in the same branch we help each other out. We have Fabian that is the developer of Lootfest http://www.vikingfabian.com/ and we have James that is new to the indie gaming industry but have a huge programming experience http://newnorth.technology/.

The building we got our office in is a part of Spelens Hus (Gamers House), they focus a lot on games and gamers. During the days we will have people coming here that just like to play both old and new computer games and to talk with others that have the same interest. So the atmosphere will be perfect in my opinion Smile


Steam Early Access Release

Everything is now finished on the steam site, all that is left now is for us to get an approval from valve. Once we got that approval I will set a specific date on the steam release. In the meanwhile I will start giving out steam keys to all of the pre-orderers, and you should get them before the steam release. I will also focus on solving as many bugs as possible before the release, but I will not postpone the release because of any bugs. This is because I am way behind my steam release deadline.

If you would like anything changed before the steam release then this is the time to post it on our forums. If the change is small it is very plausible that it will get implemented Smile

If you are planning on buying it on steam you should consider pre-ordering it (http://dwelvers.com/pre-order/) because right now we have the offer that all pre-orderers will get THREE FREE STEAM-KEYS once Dwelvers is released on steam, and that offer will expire with the Steam release.
Added some info about the new office Smile
That is soooooo freakin AWESOME! Love the office, and I think this is a good move! We ran our business out of the garage for 4 years, and a lot of our work was done from home. Keeping motivation up was really hard; like you said too many distractions. When we had the money we moved into the office we have now. It made it feel more like a job than a hobby, and we are able to collaborate a lot easier. I'm sure you'll find this to be the case too. Plus, like us, you'll start getting more exposure to the public. So stoked for you and the team! Good luck in the new office!
Yeah I know, it is really great being able go to a place of work, I get so much more done. We have it so that we contact each other if we are not there by 8 am. The main reason for this is that we want to get more routine in our lives and have hours when we work and don't work. Having the workplace at home felt like I was always working even the times when I wasn't.
I wasn't in your house Rasmus, but felt the same. Wink Oh and provide some good supplies before work, so you wouldn't need to run for something to eat during Skype conversation haha. Big Grin
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Eat -> Nap -> Work -> Eat -> Nap -> Work -> ....

The cycle of life Smile
☑ Coffee
☑ Sandals
☑ Second monitor
☑ Window to the Outside-World™

Office rating: ⁂/⁂

The only way to improve the place would be hiring security. Did they ever catch the white thief that jumped out of the window with your coding secrets?
Naa, he is not going anywhere, but he makes people that pass by stand and steer at him, and when they are finished steering at him they start to steer at me. I don't mind if it wasn't for yesterday when some kid knocked on the window and gave me an ugly face, I wasn't prepared at it because it gave me a little scare, and he got a good laugh Tongue
Ha ha, invest in shutters. Big Grin
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
We will Smile

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