Feedback/Modification I & S - Saves information
It would made life much easier if we had all information about save before loading it and checking manually. Something like that:
[Image: wurrea.jpg]
There's another suggestion for showing save states too: Thumb for Save game.
I think combining both ideas would look like really nice and clean implemented to the game. Added to Ideas & Game Features list. Smile
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So after seeing this brought back up in a Brainstorm, I went back and found this thread. I combined the ideas here, added some elements from the current UI in 0.8j2 and this is what I came up with:

[Image: Uio2.png]

I thought that combining the Save & Load features into a single menu item would consolidate the menu a bit, plus most of my games include them in the same function. We would need to include a verification prompt to ensure mistakes weren't made while saving and loading like 'Are you sure you want to Overwrite Save <savename>?' (Save would be dimmed if a game hadn't been loaded) or 'Continue to Load <savegame>?' (If game in progress it would also say 'All current progress will be lost.'). What do y'all think?
Wow that one is great.
Although in my opinion instead of: "Tutorial"(...) there should be bookmarks with names of created worlds - something like in Minecraft, you name your world state and have separated folder for only that world. Also I think there should be a button for deleting saves, in order to keep everything in same place.
Thanks, yeah I thought something similar after I posted it, but it's really just an example to show structure. I doubt many people would want to save their tutorials.
I really like the look of that. Fits well with the current look of the game.Smile

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