Moin Moin from Germany :)
Hi all,

what a gem I found here Smile
Looking forward to have the real successor of Dungeon Keeper in my hands one day.

About me:
Not much to say.
I'm in my early 30th, family father and hobby game developer.

Welcome to the group man. Out of curiosity do you have anything floating around out there you have worked on gamewise?
Nothing big.. worked with two others on once (still a great game) Wink
And currently working on a Rogue Like Game for Smartphones (Nothing to show yet).
Pretty keen for a hobby project.
Hello and welcome to our dungeons Ubivis. Smile

Hope you won’t be disappointed with what we done so far and we plan to do, if there's anything to discus feel free to make a thread somewhere on the forum category which would suit what would you like to discuss. Also maybe you'll find some inspirations from Dwelvers game or creations our community done during months of brainstorming and talking. Maybe you would like also to join us in that as help in bug hunting? Smile
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Hi Ubivis, welcome to the forum Smile

I am also in my early 30th, I have heard that it is the new 20 Wink
Good to hear that you found such an interest in Dwelvers, be sure to post any bugs you find or suggestions that you may have here at the forum!

Wow, walkover seems to be a real gore game!
Hello and welcome to the Forum

Feel free to ask everything.

Nice to see another person in the forum coming from a german speaking country. Now we are four...We come closer to our goal (....try to take over the world!)Smile
Mein Gott in Himmel! *Shakes head*

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