Solved & Confirmed 0.8d - Water?
That one is strange. I'm not able to place block to get rid of water.
[Image: xku9s9.jpg]
There was fish spot in water.
This one is very hard for me to solve Tongue Do you have a savegame?
I think the problem is with removing fish spots.
Thank you!
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Yeah the reason is the fishing spot. So I will make it so that the fishing spot is build over able. But I still want to show the player that this is a fishing spot even if there are no fishes there at the moment.

So I added bubbles in the water, showed it to a friend of mine. And his reaction was this:


He thought it was extremely illogical that fish produces bubbles that raise over the water. He thought the water looked acid...
Argh, but then he came up with the idea to have baby fishes as a replacement when the big once are not there. So that is what I did!

Solved with the next version!
New version released, this bug needs confirmation Smile
That one is solved.
Reconfirmed 0.8f, should be marked solved.
Thank you Smile

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