Solved & Confirmed 0.8d - Exiting game
Hmmm, all my systems are i7 Quad Cores, except for the Core 2 Quad.
If it is running on a laptop or not usually plays a role as well. Even if the specs are the same on a laptop as on a stationary the stationary are still stronger.
seems 50-50 with my intel laptop, that is dual core... sometimes will close out, and sometimes won't; leaving that particular part open that mellow posted a pic of.

Noticed more when computer having memory problems, of course that would be for obvious reason of the cpu trying to tone down the memory use... optimizing I think, or what ever windows 8 does to reduce memory over time. Different experience than what I had with xp a couple years ago.

Mostly though it does shut down properly. I think when I run steam along side it, is when I don't notice it as often. Without steam it tends to show up more often. At least so far in my experience.
[Image: 2dv2av.jpg]
It usually closes properly, but sometimes it freezes.
I have noticed this too, I will look into it soon enough Smile
I wonder if it is solved now?
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I was looking for this thread, and I guess I just kept parsing right over it. This one is fixed now. I've closed off the game a lot since testing 0.9, and no matter how long the game is running, the game completely closes down without getting stuck on that 'Closing Dwelvers' window.
Thank you, I have also noticed that this hasn't happened in a long time. But as I didn't found the actually reason for it I didn't want to put it as solved.

But now I can, let me know if it happens again Smile
Will do. Hopefully when running through Steam it doesn't come back.
Its nice that i closes, i really like it this way!
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