Dwelvers Journal 2014.09.12 - Dwelvers first day on Steam
Dwelvers first day on Steam

So how to sum up the first day on Steam... First off, it have been a lot of fun Big Grin And I am very relived over that we haven't had any unexpected incidents. There are some bugs with the game of course, but that was expected.

The reviews have been really good, and for that I am very happy!

We also have a lot of new screenshots:

Blitzkriegsler has uploaded his latest Dwelvers videos, and for that I am really grateful! This goes out to all the other YouTube reviewers of Dwelvers, don't forget to add them here, you will get a lot of views and Dwelvers will get publicity, so it is a win / win situation Smile

I have been a little worried about the Steam forum and that Dwelvers wouldn't be ready for it. But so far everything has gone well, and the players have been really nice and understanding that Dwelvers is an Early Access game. The only bad publicity topic is the Towns <-> Dwelvers connections, but I was expecting that. I have nothing to hide and I am not afraid of taking the discussion, neither do BurningPet, and when Dwelvers updates keeps on coming in I hope people will calm down.

The sales has been okay, we were on steam top 100 for an hour or two and then we disappeared again. But it is nothing that worries me, Dwelvers still has a year of development left at least, and I would be really surprised if Dwelvers don't get a good bump now and then during that time. Also, remember that Dwelvers is still an Early Access game, and those are waaay harder to sell on Steam than full games.

I don't know how many steam keys I have given away to reviewers that has asked for them, some of them were really big while others was a little smaller. Hopefully some of them will review Dwelvers so that we get some extra publicity before the end of week Smile

Steam keys

All the steam keys to the pre-orderers has been sent out now, if you haven't gotten one, then contact me from http://dwelvers.com/contacts/ and I will send the keys.

There was also a issue that some people thought that I meant that the pre-orderers should get four steam keys and not three, they thought that they paid for the first key and get three keys for free. While I meant that you get to download the game from the website and also get three steam keys. I have made a topic about it at the steam forum:

So if you feel like I tricked you and that you were expecting 4 keys, please contact me at: http://dwelvers.com/contacts/ and I will send the extra key Smile

Future updates

Right now there are a lot of administrative work that is keeping me away from the development, and I hope everyone can understand that. I will focus on getting the steam page ready with a to do list and a FAQ so that new players knows what stage of the development Dwelvers is and gets some of the more common questions answered. I will make a fresh coding start on Monday and also explain what we have planned for the next version, and as usual, the more feedback the better Wink
Congrats to all the Dwelvers team! May this be one of many more successes!
Indeed. It was nice to see that there are only a couple hatemongers out there making a fuss about the whole Towns debacle, and that thread seems to have just as much if not more positive feedback than negative. Of course you're never going to be able to satisfy or reason with some people, but you guys are doing well in responding to these guys.
Soon as SMP got back to work on Towns we will have less people and articles like we had that says thing like - I don't even touch this because of Towns - etc. - and until everything is explained well enough to people, nothing is hide (really guys - be always honest and open to people and let them understand you - that's the best way to compromise) until we do not need to worry about anything.

Anyway I love the community and relations we made on this forum and hope we could do the same one on Steam forum, especially that people there apparently are inhabited to that developers do not respond, edit or delete posts and bad reviews - we have never do it and for sure we won't! (OK, I deleted once by mistake one thread, but I apologized and if this is not enough I apologize for it again!). Deleting users, posts, etc. - it's the violence act and violence raise violence, so the hell for what doing this? Definitely it won't get you more followers or friends, but fire and fiends. Wink
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I was afraid the steam beast would be merciless, but I'm glad it had a little corner on it's heart for Dwelvers.

Let's make a farm, plant some antroot, gather it, pour it into the tank along with some water, let it brew and toast to Dwelvers!
I'll toast to that!
I think you handled it pretty well from what I saw, that is quite respectable in my book. Glad I was not part of the crowd on the towns aspect, but then again I never really took a look at that game till the day this game came out and someone mentioned the badness of it. To me I like judging a game for what it is currently with each update that comes along.

This game I actually found out through blitz's channel sometime before the release on steam. I knew I would buy it when I tried the demo on your site. That and it reminds me of DK, although quite quite different than it. Still a nice lil game so far. As for towns it is a decent project in my book from the supporter you had, but as there demo didn't satisfy me; it is a 50-50 split whether I would get that in the future.

I was actually awaiting the steam release while I watched blitz's do his thing on his channel. I can at the moment only get games that way due to lack of an account elsewhere for the moment. Hard times, but not so hard to not be able to pick up a game here or there. This one I actually bought right up due to the nice 20%, as I was expecting a 10% that was mentioned earlier. I only had so much in the steam account at the time, however that made it so I could get it right away and experience this lovely game you have going here.

With all that said I'll definitely being keeping an eye around or is that a lil imp to watch this progress nicely into a better game with each update you put out till full. Thank you for starting this project. Smile
Yeah, I was glad to see that most of the responses were positive feedback, or just general questions about the game. I'm hoping too that more folks from Steam will decide to join the forums here like you and join in the conversations on suggestions or bugs/issues with the game. It's nice to see feedback on Steam, but the forum here is far better for those types of conversations than Steam's format in my opinion.

Welcome to the forum Tamorr. XD
Thank you. I don't really often look through the steam forums; just happen to this time. I usually like going to official sites or developer sites to converse or give feedback. Seems better at the source in the way I see it. or at least close to the source you can get. Smile

steam forums in a way is foreign to me. Like you mention it is formatted differently, but what site isn't. Each to their own. Just glad it is readable...
Welcome to our dungeons Tamorr. If there would be something not organised well I would know it, I've put much much effort to organize this forum and it's appearance. We will try to do the same on steam forum - I won't count this and steam forum unequally - all are very important, however every lists will be linked to forums placed here - because it's the most "formatable". I couldn't organize on steam any forum like here we have Bugs/Issues & Crashes forum or lists like our Ideas & Game Features list.

From my experience I also know that people once they settled somewhere they won't do it in another place, maybe 10% of Steamers wouldbe willing to register on this forum, so we need to make steam forum possibly the most close looking to Dwelvers forum here. Soon we will put some clarifications, links to list and different "how to-s". For such small team it would take some time unfortunately. Wink

Feel free to write anywhere, anyway, anyhow. Smile
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Just out of curiosity Sebt, have you looked into any of the Steam Integration plugins which would allow Steam users to log in with their Steam account instead of registering? That may encourage more people to stop in over here.
That sounds very very interesting Big Grin
@Sept Well for me I technically didn't come from the steam forum, I just happen to see the initial reaction out of curiosity when I saw this game made it to steam.

I actually came from Blitz's youtube channel. From what I can tell The forum both here and there look well laid out, and that is good. I don't usually go to the steam forums; not really because I don't want to, it is more like I am just use to going to publishers' sites as I have in the past to look up info on games even the older ones before steam even existed. But that is me. I am sure some might journey over eventually, but like you pointed out some seem comfortable getting it all in one place. So it is good to hear that it has the same format or close to it as can be. I didn't really get much of a look for obvious reasons I mentioned. So I guess it is what you saying being true for me. Where I am "comfortable" or in this case just use to...Smile
Congrats on the Steam launch.

I completely understand that I will only get 3 Steam keys, and I don't feel like I am cheated. But hey, I wont say no to a +1 Steam key Tongue
@ Mello - That's great idea, so great I've started to seek out for one and found the plugin called Steam OpenID. It says it's compatible with forum version, so I'll do some tests on it. Smile

@ Tamorr - I'm Sebt.Wink Anyway, I hope you would like to stay with us for a longer. We shared many ideas and part of them were implemented, bug reports are priceless and safes Rasmus time in searching for some (that often are really easy to solve) - thanks to our community we've got so many good reviews when it is said - solid alpha - it's not buggy as you could expect from alpha state game, etc. Rasmus releases new versions only when list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes have "Not Solved Yet" list empty, because all were solved and put on "Solved with the Next Version" list.

@ arji - Rasmus said that he can give +1 more Steam Key (I mean 4th) if someone felt uncomfortable with 3, but understood 4, feel free to mail him to get additional key. Smile
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