Feedback/Modification Item & Environment Mechanics - Get Wood easier, Layer differ system & buildable ponds
Hi, just a few suggestions after my first few plays

I don't know if it's just me or is it harder to get wood than stone?
Might just be my game but the mines are very inefficient, when going through rocks and crud i can barely get any wood, and i find it a nuisance to have to mine root walls and have to put the wall back up again after.

Another suggestion is making the bogs or whatever those underwater swamps are more useful/can be built without having to stumble upon the, or be build/added upon. Just be more dynamic !

The way the layers go i find it hard to differentiate after you go down a layer or two, i know my first time playing i was so confused why the imps wouldn't go build on the spot I wanted haha! I think there should almost be a floor system, where you click main or 1 or 2 to go to that layer, but have each layer 3 blocks or so tall so that people can still drop floors or make platforms if they please.

Last suggestion... for now ! Haha, is the big open areas, i want to be able to make a super sweet looking dungeon, but right off the bat if i go too far anywhich way i get thrown into this huge cavern with multiple layers and my imps seem to only jump on some of the blocks even if they are level enough for them to get to them all. I love that there are enemies, but i went left a bit too far and theres a huge cave with 3 different enemies attacking me, i was startled haha. And back to the whole layer thing being odd for me, a big pile of brown and ores and roots really just overwhelmed me and i just gave up on making a nice dungeon.

Sorry if anyone finds their opinions are different, these is just my views and i hope to help the game progress any way possible with sharing them ! Heart
Sorry, reading it back there isnt much for suggestions, but more so things i feel to be improved upon ! Sorry again
(15-09-2014, 07:48 AM)NomNomTiger Wrote: Sorry, reading it back there isnt much for suggestions, but more so things i feel to be improved upon ! Sorry again

That's why I made this forum connecting suggestions and feedbacks while usually both have some this and some that, so that's fine with us. Wink

Into your suggestions:
If it comes to wood - this is something that we try to balance from months, but game is changing andagree it need some rework.

What you mean by more dynamic underwater, could you give an example, elaborate it a bit longer? Smile

If it comes to open areas and Imps that whatever meet in deeper dungeons will go fearless of death with community we were thinking about construction that would prevent creatures from getting behind that construction item. You can find some more info here:
Also Rasmus said about change he would like to make in enemy AI so that enemy creatures won't attack you if you will stay away from them for certain distance.
To sum above up dungeon excavating will be safer with those ideas.
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Sounds great !
And about the ponds i mean the ability to add a pond where you want (Maybe imps collect the water from a well or another nearby pond to create the new one). Be able to build the fisheries and stuff upon it, because i had no idea what the heck those fishing guys were when i first saw them and i didnt really understand how they were wishing.
Also maybe be able to build bridges.
Just some things to make them more useful and a lot more stylish haha.
Would feel like a luxury dungeon to have a nice big custom swamp somewhere (:
Maybe even make military swamp fishies, so that you can have orcs but if you chose you can use a swamp as trap
Just some odd ideas haha, I appreciate that you read (:
That's really funny idea, I enjoyed being able to move different liquids to my castle in Minecraft or build a lava pit for catched on rod cows. Big Grin
Added to the Ideas & Game Features list and you earn 2 points for idea with buildable/movable ponds (for wood you haven't proposed solution yet). Smile

About layer marking system, there was suggested something similar here: Depth Counter/Measure. I personally like the idea of option that would indicate what layer you're looking at now.

P.S. Hope you don't mind for changed thread name, it will be easier for us to find out what contains. Smile
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Yes ! Thanks (:
Sorry my replies are very spread out, I'm a busy person haha.
For wood i think trees would be a good solution, even underground biomes or something. Like the big open areas could give some grass. trees, mushrooms (maybe add a new mage warrior who can use mushrooms as poison on weapons or something for extra damage.) Each couple layers could add a different biome, the further down the hotter the biomes got (as in getting closer to the core of the earth)
If you did that you could also create biome related enemies. But this is all for the far future I guess haha
The ability to make wood in farms (as trees or wood roots) would be sweet too ! Then it's constant and not so much a burden to get. (plus its like having a mineshaft on the roots, but this way you can make a nice neat dungeon instead of random roots hanging all over the place)
Maybe have a capacity for the amount of resources then so they stop farming it and you don't get 1000000 wood before you notice.
Maybe a cap on resources along with a priority tab. So you can up the priority on food gathering, and say they reach cap, they can go to another section without having to command them.

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