My New Idea Animal Mechanic - New food and skin resource, Flappy!
Since you start underground resources need to be underground themed. Farming those sporey things is a great start but why not add some meat? We know bats like to hang around (and get in the way), so might it be possible to capture them, feed them up and then kill them for meat and leather?
That is already planned - to get meat and leather from animals, however still nothing special is planned for bat ATM, I'm curious how could look shoes from a bat. Smile
Added your idea anyway to Ideas & Game Features list, maybe you have more ideas for using bats? Smile
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Holy shit...Smile
i know Flappy are that true evil but c'mon, you don't really want eat our Flappy?SmileSmile
Maybe not eat him, but we should give the player the option to do something about him Tongue Maybe the fishman likes to eat Flappy? Big Grin
I've found a way to "farm" Flappy's, or just kill them. Traps, 2 sliding rock walls and a cannon in between is very effective at killing anything that enters your lair.

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