Feedback/Modification Construction Mechanic - Rock Wall building modification
Draging rock wall should not build above starting floor and should fill the holes with multiple blocks to reach starting level of drag

meaning it should be possible to build wall on unfinished wall, and imps would start building it from bottom

whole idea is to make filling holes clean and easy, current state when you have to build block by block, wait and then build next block on it, its tedious
Heh, I saw some Dwelvers let's plays where people were trying to built a layer of rock walls where there's bunch of holes and then some higher levels were also been touched, so instead of one clean and flat layer you just had built the same layer doubled instead of having holes corked.

Added to the Ideas & Game Features list. Good idea. Smile
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I like this idea a lot! I will try to get it in there soon!

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