Feedback/Modification Room Mechanic - Disabling room
Pls add disable/stop button to the room, to free the imps/workers
There is a option to stop the production of certain items in the room, and this will free the workers automatically. But you are looking for something like an on/off switch?
I think he thought about something like in Anno - the butchery can work infinitely or be put to sleep with one click on specific icon that will automatically stop production there, but I'm not sure if David you think about stopping whole room and all it's components from production or just option to turn on/off each component separately?
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lets say your free imps die during attack, and you need them to pick up injured, or build walls, etc, and rest is stuck in the rooms, not doing anything

i want easy way to temporally disable unneeded rooms to free all the workers, theres serious lack of control over imps after auto assign implementation, maybe we need compromise between auto and manual assigning of workers, dunno thats just me straying of the topic Wink

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