Dwelvers Journal 2013.10.05 - Left to do before alpha 0.6 gets released
※ Left to do before Alpha 0.6 gets released ※

The bugs aren't present in this topic but will always fixed before releasing the next version.
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The suggestions made by members will be added to this list as I progresses. So if you have any suggestions that you want to be added in this next version then follow the link below.
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I want this list to be kept separate from the Bugs/Issues and Ideas & Game Features list because I want this to be as straight forward as possible.

These aren't hammered in stone, I may add or remove some things before the release.

  • The prison will be put to used to imprison enemies, but they will die there. Torture chambers and more like that will be added in the future.
  • Decoration and room layout boost the creatures productivity.
  • Mailbox where reports about new events (like 'The Storage Room is full' etc.) are storing there.
  • Being able to auto-zoom to certain creatures and rooms.
  • Flags to put down as warnings so that the creatures don't enter that area.

  • The dungeon will get an extra dimension so that it is possible to dig up and down (This took a lot of time to complete).
  • Add waterfalls.
  • The possibility to flood a dungeon added.
  • The bug/issues from the previous version must be fixed.
  • The Impanzees will have their own lair decorated with chairs, beds, and unique walls.
  • The Impanzees will be territorial and don't walk to far away from their home.
  • The Cyclotaur maze with its unique walls and floors will be added.
  • Bedrooms will be added.
  • The Cyclotaur will be added.
  • The Cyclotaur maze will be created.
  • The Fishman will be added.
  • The Knight will be added.
  • The player's minions will have needs, like sleeping, eating and require salaries.
  • Wounded creature will be transported to their beds.
  • Add training-room and make it functional.
  • Possibility to see creature stats, and that the creatures can level up.
  • Food and beer will be transported to the bar, and eaten or drunk by creatures that sit down at the tables.
  • Replace wheat to a root like vegetable, but that have the same properties.
  • Bakery will be added.
  • The player will be able to put a limit on storing certain item types.
  • Creature and Item menu combine - Combining the items menu with the creature menu to have full control over the resources.
  • Menus updates with a new layout that is more user-friendly and informative.
  • Q/E buttons rotates/tilts around the hand position instead of the camera position.
  • More imp activity when they have nothing to do.
  • Treasure chests and other rewards in more "risky" parts of the dungeon.
  • The Dark Dwarfs will be able to perform certain tasks.
  • Hydraulics traps will be added to the cyclotaur maze.
  • The Cyclotaurs will have a king in the centre of the maze guarding a treasure.
  • Colour-coded bubbles to categorise which are easier for the user to understand.

Put on hold until future versions
  • Mint will be added so that the player can make gold coins to pay creatures.
  • The player will be able to give the creature orders to prioritize certain items over others.
  • GUI filter - GUI that can filter out creatures based on working, idle, attacking, and happiness.
  • Visible storage capacity of a table in the storage room and the whole room.

Start date: 5 October 2013
Finish date: Not set
I love you Smile Thinking about supporting you soon, but knowing that Towns dev gives all that you need, im kinda hesitant Big Grin
We could see Impanzees in different form I wonder will we see different forms of Dark Dwarves too? One with iron hammer, one with gold hammer, different beer cups, maybe they could wear special uniforms when working in Blacksmith... Big Grin a lot to do, but I bet Rasmus will fix every bugs/issues in few days and everything on the list above will be moved to Finished in two weeks. Wink
Water areas won't be so save in 0.6... Watchout for Fishman!
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Is there any progress since 9 october? Curious to see whats going on Smile

PS: I know about the green highlighted text at the top of this thread.
There have been a lot of progress Smile But not on the other texts, sorry I'm not revealing what I'm working on right now, but you will see why later. I will probably be able to start on list within a week hopefully.
The comments I got from the GamersDissent video inspired me to give the game a new edge that will improve the gameplay far beyond DK. You will see soon Smile
The most important thing is not for me to rush it through just so that I can get a finished version out there, I try to listen to the everybody, even if I don't agree with them they still have a point, the first impression of the game is the most important.
Wise words Smile But even if its not perfect when u release another version, u just fix it, ill keep complaining to you lol Big Grin

Im kinda done with current version, it has limited gameplay, which is understandable, being alpha Smile

Ill check the suggestions u ment on GamerDissent, curious which it might be.

Take care!
I added some of the new updates I've made to the list and put some of them on hold until future version..
Right now it is only the mailbox system and the bakery that is left that could be time demanding. The rest is mostly minor fixes. I've already added so that the wounded creatures will be transported to their beds, so to transport enemies to the prison is actually just a small modification.

I will try to get the new version out before the end of the month, but it may take a little longer, I really want everything to work as it should first.
With the release I will have it so that only the pre-orderers will be able to try it out at first so that they can help me find possible bugs, just so that I don't start advertising it before everything is working as it should.
(20-11-2013, 06:08 PM)Rasmus Wrote: With the release I will have it so that only the pre-orderers will be able to try it out at first so that they can help me find possible bugs, just so that I don't start advertising it before everything is working as it should.
I personally can't wait. I'm still playing around with 0.5d wishing that I could build some waterfalls and bash some goodlies. Here's to hoping for the release by the end of the month. Keep up the good work man!
I'm often torn on the issues of pre-advertising. When big changes come fast enough from version to version, people don't advertise "a game." They advertise the developer and the monumental abilities that they have, as clearly demonstrated by Rasmus here. Damn straight. o.o

Nothing is ever horribly broken. Nothing is ever there, but incomplete or nonfunctional to the point of anger-inducing dissatisfaction.

If I represent the casual backer, I'd say I'm happy with this. I may be an optimist, rather than a greedy entitled kind of backer, but so far, everything has been sublime. <(o o.)>
"Go, go, Potato!" ~Mello Tonin
Yeah that's the thing.. We do some small advertising with every version released. Therefore every version needs to have something extra and work as expected. Somewhat limited, but still work as expected..
Therefore I try not to throw out too many small updates because I think that would make the bigger updates disappear in the crowd. So the more I've done to the game before the updates the better it will be advertised. It is hard to say when, there is always new ideas popping into the head that I want to include before I release the next version..
There will be some minor delays with the release, I'm waiting a delivery from our new music designer.
I don't think I've mentioned it before but we have hired Omri Lahav http://omrilahav.com/ to make music for Dwelvers.
We contacted him in the last minute so it is understandable that it will take some time getting the music right. But it shouldn't take so long from now Smile
Nice, checked out his site and he's definitely competent. I can't wait to hear what he has come up with. Nothing against the original track, but it was getting repetitive.
Oh he made some nice music, I can't wait to hear it! Do keep the old track!Wink
Oh, yeah. We should definitely keep the original track too, but some diversity is welcomed for sure.
I don't like the original track, but I hope we will have a great remix or just renewed version of that. Smile

This guy is making a great orchestral music, not very good at electronic, but I'm curious what would he do for Dwelvers.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy

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