Solved & Confirmed 0.8d-e - Speed of game affects crafting selection
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Speed of game affects crafting selection, after clicking plus button 3 items are being selected for crafting instead of one.
This one is directly related to this issue:

Solved with the next version!
New version released, but needs confirmation from the players that it really has been solved Smile
It still exists.
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Huh? Rasmus we forgotten about this. Sad
Changed from Solved, but need confirmation to Not solved yet... however maybe actual version or new build solve this issue?
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Solved with the next version!
I'm running the game on Speed 9 for a while testing other issues logged because of game speed. I have tested this issue, and I see that when I go to craft an item, hitting the + button increases the queue by one instead of multiples. If understand the OP, this one is solved.
Thank you Smile

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