Game Updates?
Hi, just wondering when the updates were or if there is a specific update page someone could help me find haha !

Anyone play the forest here? I think Dwelves should incorporate what they do for updates, add a countdown, then when it's updated, put the changelog on the main page.
Hey. To answer it to the fullest I put the quote from Dwelvers steam community where Rasmus said something about updates:

Rasmus Wrote:It depends, the goal is of course to make one update a week, these updates will probably include bugfixes and some minor new features. When a bigger feature is introduced then it may take two weeks, and if we are talking about including features like the surface world or multiplayer it may take up to a month. But either way we will always keep everyone updated with what's going on between these updates in form of news and discussions. When introducing a new feature I usually present my idea at the forums to get some feedback as well.

We're trying to keep deadlines, but having so small team we need to decide on what we need to spend time on - game or some more info. Sometimes it's difficult to handle it, but we're working on it. Smile
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