My New Idea Room Idea - Bar: Take the stage
I just thought of this while replying to another post, but unsure if would be fitting or not. It is just what came to mind.

This might actually go into the Leisure room that was suggested, however I found it more fitting to be in the bar room maybe?!

What I mean by the title is simple. A room component "stage" of some kind that can be placed in the bar room. Imps primarily would take to it as a job. In a way to create more than just a bar atmosphere where music or comedy act takes place. This I would believe could affect moral or something like that; unsure how that system works as a whole. Still learning...

What I envisioned was someone most likely an imp taking stage doing a routine, like a comedy act. You see the orcs tossing things at the imp for such a poor performance or cheer for a nice one. Having imp in a dress or similar singing might have an effect like Jessica in roger rabbit. Or more toned down, if not more subtle.

What's a bar for but to feast while listening to the background. no? Well that is what I had in mind, however whether it would be more fitting elsewhere or not I am unsure; it just seemed fitting somehow. After all some enjoy entertainment of this sort and some do not; referring to the different creatures you can have, even ones that have yet to show their face.
Every decoration would increase morale of units. The one of aims in making Dwelvers is to focus on creatures - not only their abilities and usability, but also specific to each specie characteristics, special act of being, behavior of each one, so definitely any relations between creatures will be implemented and some stage acts would be fun. I like the idea of having Bar especially as entertainment center. Smile
I think when we implement some morale systems in later development that idea would be considered as possible to apply. Added to Ideas & Game Features list. Smile
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That makes sense, and I figured the morale systems weren't complete there, as I am think ahead. Read quite a few things here to get a feel for what is to come or even what to possibly expect. The main idea is the stage acts in the first place, possibly in the bar room where makes sense to me at least.

So it is good that it is considered, and looking forward to what does make into game. After all not every idea can be managed to make it, but it is the thought that counts. Smile
I like this one! Orc, a Fishman, and an Imp enter a Bar. The Fishman orders 3 drinks and passes em around. The Orc chugs his down after toasting 'Here's to fallen comrades!'. The Imp casually takes a drink after toasting 'Here's to a hard days work!'. Before the Fishman can make a toast, someone delivering a pale of water trips and douses him. The Orc gives the Fishman a swift punch to the shoulder and belts out 'It's a good thing you're waterproof!'. *RIMSHOT*
yep, that sounds about right... nice one. Smile

Couldn't have made a better one myself, as not so good at coming up with

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