I am Anakha and also late :)

My RL name is Patrick and found out about this game early this year. I kept following it till it got in the phase it is now; playable.

Over the last weeks ive been playing it daily and kept bothering Rasmus on the forums about bugs and all. ( He said he doesnt mind) Tongue

Im also constantly browsing the forums for more news Smile

Im very excited about this game, more so than about another game in this genre.

Rasmus you are doing a good job! The game is going to become very good and it will become very popular.

Take care! Big Grin

* Not so sure about january anymore Smile *
Hi and welcome!

As much bugs/issues we know as more we help to make game better. I'm still bothering Rasmus about even little things, but hopefully he has iron patience to listen to this. Big Grin

Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
January? That sounds early, my first video was released in late March Smile Have you seen it? It's practically the same as my last video Wink hehe

Yeah, you really helped me with the 0.5b version and saved me from a catastrophe there Wink So keep the bugs coming, the more the merrier Smile

So welcome and thank you once again for your help Smile
Howdy, even if it is a couple days late. I'm glad to see that we are getting more and more people joining in which will definitely make the development process more efficient with all the different viewpoints on how the game is working and possibly find something someone else misses or something that affects a particular hardware platform.

Been reading through some of your posts, and there is some good stuff there! Keep it coming, and welcome!

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