Feedback/Modification Room Mechanic - Remove Storage imps
Do we need them? Are they just slowing everything down? Do we need middle man to do the 1 tile moving?

I suggest we remove them and let imps store and pick items they need right from the tables/barrels etc
That would definitely be more efficient. I don't really even use storage rooms unless I'm excavating far away from the DM, and even then it's only for temporary storage to speed up the excavation. I remove it once they move all the resources over to the DM.
if we remove them, and put transporting on the room imps, we remove very annoying aspect of centralized transportation, if its overloaded, everything is overloaded ... single overloaded room would not necessarily affect whole dungeon same way as main storage failing

Guess its too big of a chance, lets settle with not putting stuff on the ground, but directly in barrels Wink

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