Game Traps
How they are supposed to work if enemies just destroy pads before stepping on them?
There is a bug there atm, when the pressure pads are created they are created in a "pressed down" state. You can click on them with the hand to make them go up, and from there they should work as they should.
its not that, they destroy it from adjoining tile never moving on the pad, problem is, when there is no creature for them to attack they just attack trap system, and since i dont want to fight inside my trap maze its a problem, pretty big one if you ask me, adding some taunting dummy would be nice

ps: whole pressure transport system could be invisible to enemies, since one missing pipe will break whole system, only actual traps should be destroyable (cannons, etc)
I will have to look into this, they shouldn't destroy the pressure pad unless they have walked on it once, the hydraulics on the other hand are visible for the enemies, maybe they shouldn't be?
since pipes are in walls/floor maybe it should not be visible Smile

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