Game Trouble with flags and rotating
Just picked this game up and I'm loving the fact it's a much more involved dungeon builder however there are some frustrating elements I wish could easily be remedied. It's possible these options are there I just do not see them.

First, rotating objects, according to what I've read it's middle mouse button, but it doesn't work in my mouse for whatever reason what is the keyboard command? Can you remap keys for the shortcuts? Rotate seems to have a key assigned to it but it's like falling off the screen. If I can get this right I can build more effectively.

When I build a farm a drop point flag seems to form automatically. Is this on purpose? Even with a storage room it seems I have produce piling in the room. Also a point forms in the storage room and junk lands there. Can this be moved or controlled?

It took forever to figure out you can "mine" wood that should be made clear in the tutorial. And is there any kind of better alarm system for your base? I had some higher level monsters just take out a wall and kill half my dudes within 5 minutes of one of my "normal" matches. No time to even react to it.

Last question. You have a wood mine. A good mine. A stone mine. An iron mine. Can you toggle which resource is getting worked on more or is it by demand?
- The rotating objects option is a tool that is located in the UI in the lower right part of the screen, it is a cyan colored arrow that goes around.
- The drop point flag can be moved by rightclicking anywhere and choose the "flag option", there you will have the rally flag and the room flag. The room flag is the one you want Smile
- The mines will be mined whenever possible, adding player control to this is something that probably will be implemented in the future.

I know that the game has a very high learning curve, it will get better in the future when the tutorial gets worked on a little more Smile
Thank you Rasmus. I figured out how to change the room drop points. I guess wood is the issue that now plagues me. Additionally the production chains mysteriously break and i don't know why(the root farm to flour maker specifically) other than that i am enjoying this game immensely.
Could you attach a screenshot on your farm room with the mill inside it (try to get as much of the dungeon with it as possible), perhaps I can see what's wrong from there.

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