Dwelvers Journal 2014.10.13 - Next release on Friday
Next release on Friday

As many of you may have seen the latest upcoming features will be the ladders (http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php...8#pid10028) and the movable water blocks (http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=1189).

I also planned to get the piggeh in there with this release, and that is still being planned, but I got a little sidetracked with working on the buildings texture. In the current versions of Dwelvers you can see the DungeonColor.png, -specular and -normal textures in the media folder. All the buildings in the dungeon uses these to get their own specific texture. But lately I have found this to be extremely clumsy, so what I decided to do was to move all the buildings loading sequence into xml files, just like the items in the items folder. So each building will now have their own separate texture in their own folders with an xml file telling the game what to load from the folder.

This will not enable the users to add their own buildings, but it will make it much easier to change the current buildings textures and models and it is one step big towards making them fully modable.

So until the release on Friday I still have these things left to do:
- Add piggeh creature.
- Giving each building separate textures to load their model data from.
- Fixing some of the bugs.

I know that giving each building separate textures to load their model data from will not add anything to the gameplay, but it is something I need to get done rather sooner than later to make it easier for me when I add more buildings.
Something to look forward to. Big Grin
Yep seems interresting Big Grin tell me if there are any new strings to translate ^^
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Hope I can get some time to play around this weekend. Been way too busy to do much of anything besides eat, sleep, work...
There are some strings to translate, but nothing much, I will try to get them out there by tomorrow Smile
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Здравствуй, суббота ...
(17-10-2014, 10:30 PM)Dietrich Wrote: (немного оживим тему)
Здравствуй, суббота ...

Yes, it's Saturday, Rasmus found some things that has to be fixed and he couldn't release the new version yesterday unfortunately... The new release will be soon. Smile
Also please try to speak English because none of us can speak Russian, I need to use translator, but you know translators has still problem with correct translations. Wink
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The release will be delayed until Sunday or worst case Monday, there was a lot of buildings to go through and get their loading sequences into xml format, but now I am finally finished with it. I will use the remaining days until Sunday / Monday to get the piggeh in and solve some of the more urgent bugs.
A little taste of the upcoming piggeh Tongue

I can't be as active on the forums since i started my own project but i'm looking forward to every update.
I like that... It is like a warthog with attitude look. nice work. Smile

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