This game seems to be really good! It even has digging Big Grin Its on Kickstarter right now and has completed its goal.

Wow, great success, nice score!

What about another co-op space RTS and RPG in one time? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1964...he-mandate

This looks very promissing. Maybe it now will be like Star Citizen (which earned 20.000.000$... yes, 20 millions...), but it is something original too.
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Rimworld looked pretty cool, supported it. The core game design is very similar to Prison Architect, which is another game I enjoyed playing Smile

Really wish for more Dungeon-like games Big Grin
Playing Prison Architect right now Big Grin 122 prisoners atm :p
Rimworld is meant to have a new public build coming out some time late this month
Just started playing this one. It stole my sleep earlier this week. Still needs stuff, but the core mechanics seem solid.
This game looks fun. I've been looking for a good new colony builder like this since I played around with Utopia on my old Amiga. I'll definitely be checking this out when I'm on my break in a few weeks.
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