Feature Upgrade Creature Mechanic - A Fishman with more responsibility
The Fishman has now taken over the whole fishing production, this should eliminate all the issues with fishes not being fished because of the imps prioritizing other things.

[Image: 6B1B882617147FEF130835F3EAAE32ACB4746CC4]

Also, he can now be equipped with armors, and can sit down and eat at the bars. He has also gotten his own bed in the bedroom.

I could make it a little different so that he eats and sleeps in the water, but I think this is better because it keeps some consistency in the game-play.

[Image: 9439279D926568A3C7E068D1CCE6069D9C695E63]

His damage has also been increased a lot, he actually does more damage than Orcs, but the downside for him is that he can't equip any weapons, so when the creatures starts equipping axes etc his damage will be be lower than theirs.
Upgraded Ideas & Game Features list. Smile
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