Feature Upgrade Environment Mechanic - New wall textures
4 more wall textures has been added as seen here:

[Image: 5AE0212EE8C036AD4C7D5133556C58DC57AADA25]

We will probably lower the frequency of broken wall textures in the future, but as for now it looks better than before Smile

These wall textures was added solely through xml editing, as seen in the folder "media/xml/buildings/claimedwall/claimedwall.xml".

I will post another topic soon about how to edit these xml files.
Upgraded Ideas & Game Features list. Smile
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That's pretty cool. It would be nice to see the texture with the skulls be more like skulls were used in place of some stones. It wouldn't cover the whole thing just in places, and they would be a bit smaller and a bit whiter.

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