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I have noticed in a couple posts that images can take a really time to load because they haven't been web optimized. When I make screenshots, I use free web services to both post and optimize.

So if you're interested in making your images cause a smaller bandwidth hit when viewing a post try using Yahoo!'s SmushIt. I've used other programs to try and optimize my images, and I've found this to be the best.

For hosting images I use a site called FunkyImg because there's literally no fluff.

Hope this information is useful to you if you weren't aware on how to optimize your screenshots.
With the steam release I have also found it a lot more easier to post screenshots as all that is required is pressing F12 in game and then upload it inside the game to the steam user account.
Yeah, I made one already that I thought was pretty cool, but for reporting bugs here I like pasting my screenshots to an image editor to crop and then optimize them down to 400KB or less to help the load times. Thought it may be useful for anyone reporting bugs here too as an FYI.

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