Solved & Confirmed 0.8f - Ladders
There are several problems with ladders:

1. Not being able to place ladder on solid rock, when there's only level of solid rock:
[Image: 2py89io.jpg]
[Image: ip1fyd.jpg]
[Image: 2r26gw6.jpg]

2.While you build ladder on solid rock blueprint is displayed on wrong side:
[Image: ru1mx3.jpg]
[Image: 148pseh.jpg]

3.Not being able to destroy tile under ladder:
[Image: afassz.jpg]
More information about solid rock + ladders bug:

Thank you Smile
This one has now been solved with the next version!
Ps. I will not fix the blueprint issue just yet, this is a problem that affects all the buildings, but I will have it fixed in due time.
This one is fixed in 0.8g. Tested both scenarios. Also built a ladder on the outside wall just to see what would happen. That one was built too without disappearing.
Thanks. Smile
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