Technical Note 2014.11.09 - Next version in 2-3 days.
Sorry for the inactivity here at the forum, the optimizing took way longer time than I expected. I have myself to blame, I get snowed in. I see an opportunity to make the game faster and then I get stuck with it and then I see another opportunity and so on... Well, the game runs a lot smoother now and loads a lot faster, but I am not sure if the time spent are worth the speed up. I will let you guys be the judge of that Wink

Before I release the next version I will tend to some of the bugs starting tomorrow.
I know how it gets when you get zoned in on a project. Glad to hear we'll get a new version to test next week. I have been toying around with an idea that may help you optimize the game a bit more, but have yet to put it to paper. I'm gonna see if I have time next week to really nail it down, and send it over your way. It may be something you have already thought about, or maybe glean some inspiration from; maybe not useful at all, but we will see.

Can't wait for the next version!
Well that says a whole lot of your focus, which I think is a good thing. Something I know I tend to do with the things I work with or do. Anyway it is good to see one coming. I am unsure if I'll be able to test, as the game runs for the most part smoothly. Hmm.. might notice a difference, only time will see when it does come out.

Until then I'll patiently await it.
Something I got stuck with was this technique:

The purpose of it was to make the game lower the poly count by rendering lower poly models in the distance. But I got into some trouble with the model edges... When they got reduced the model got big holes in it. It worked sort of fine for items and creatures, but for models like the portal it was a disaster. I can probably make it look better, but I don't want to go down that road right now. One other idea I got today was to have the game take a screenshot of walls and floors and save them away in a very low res. These textures could then be rendered on a flat wall / floor surface in the distance without the player seeing any difference.

Some other interesting reading about how to modify models (Warning, it is very advanced and I which I understood half of it, still, very inspiring):

It will take me a day or two more before the next release as you all may suspect, I am starting on the bugs right now.

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