My New Idea Construction Idea - Mine Cart
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In order to make the transports of goods more efficient I would like suggest a mine cart. The Imps gather the materials (gold, coal, iron ore, roots, wood) in a mining area and transport it to the nearest mining cart at a collecting station. If the cart is full (20 items?) it's getting push via a rail system to the unload Station, which is located at the workshops area (dungeon center). First the carts will be pushed by slow imps, later in the game they get substituted by stronger and therefore faster Cyclotaur. The rails are laid on the plain ground (no ramps, as much as I would like to see an implemented imp roller-coaster Smile similar to the hydraulic pipes. Different highs must be overcome by elevators (shaft tower). So the cart is pushed in froward, winded up or down, and is pushed out froward. The unload station should be build on a block which is one level higher (at least) then the storage room floors left and right. So the pushing creature can tip the cart over to the left or the right at its destination. The goods are falling out on a pile for further processes (in a bulk cargo container?).

For first implementation the mine-carts should spawn at the collecting station and despawn after unloading. Later there could be a more complex system with switches, overtaking parts, waiting areas and much more route-finding-issues Wink

New Item:

rails (manufactured in blacksmith from iron and coal)

Rails could also be used as components of traps.

Needed modules:

collecting station (3 wood, 1 iron, 2 rails, 1 rope)
straight rail (2 rails, 2 wood)
left bend (2 rails, 2 wood)
right bend (2 rails, 2 wood)
elevator (wood, iron, rails, rope, stone depending on height)

Nice to have:

bulk cargo container (as a storage room furniture)
swimming rail pontoon
buffer stop

A little cart with a pushing creature behind it.

Function: Transporting more the one item by one creature.
Item Type: Final product.
Cost: See the cost per module
Location: Ground/wall
Made In:

The mine cart should intensify the impression of a busy mining life under the surface and should reduce the imp workload (and their shoe consumption as well Smile

So please let me know what you think about it.

This is a pretty cool idea. We had talked about implementing a creature to assist in transporting goods for Imps, because really this is the main reason why the game progression starts to slow down or be interrupted. Too many items and Imps getting confused as to which to pick up, drop, and deliver which interferes with construction mostly as well as interrupting crafting jobs. I like this option much better and really fits as a mining implementation.
Not sure about the need of the end point having to be a level higher... That part i can still see on level terrain. As it is dumping left or right by tipping, the resources would spill out anyhow. Of course it would still have to remain being level or lower terrain for the end point.

I really like this idea for the most part. It can even be worked with something not in the game, but as another idea mentioned; the tunnels. Sending a cart through a tunnel linked from A to B that is considered a mine-tracked tunnel. This could make possible to change layers.

That is only a basic idea addition though, as it should be a bit more complex, as in maybe hydraulics might be involved for lifts within these tunnels. Either way at least the strait portion would not need such and would be going through just the same.

Well that is all I can really add to this, although it would be for a later date I would imagine. At least when certain mechanics are put in, if feasible enough. I am all for a short run on level plain with tracks, because it does make sense, and get another job/task for another creature in the dungeon.Smile
We've discussed the better ways of transportation and one of them was a cart or hydraulic tubes that could just move resources from one place to another (like in Jetsons, but as in this great cartoon it would look to much futuristic), but no one actually made a specific thread for this idea, so good to know this idea now won't disappear. Smile

The world of Dwelvers is made of rectangles so for anything that would move smooth it is required to make it running also smooth with respecting the law of gravity. Big Grin I like idea of tunnels, maybe something like this could be constructed to keep railroads on the same level:
[Image: 18-Part3116.jpg]

Actually that would be a good solution for chaining system and disable Imps to work as transport units like now from one place to storage, etc. Imps are not that fast too.
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I like this idea a lot, but I am not sure about the railroads atm, the problem is that the need for railroads to a specific location is based on where the player recently started mining, so the player would have to dig out an area, then build a rail road, and then get the items transported in it.

What if we skipped the rail road and went with a storage cart only. We add another building in the storage room, this building will look and work similar as the loading dock in the trading room. Then if there are an area in the dungeon where there are more than lets say 10 items laying on the ground, an imp will go get the cart, and start to pick up all the items along the way until it is full and then return it and let the storage room workers unload it.
While I enjoy the idea of rail carts to be honest, I just don't see them being useful enough for the player to have to have all the rails built etc. In general I mine down as far as I can (in past versions of the game, don't know if depth has changed since) and it would not be worthwhile for me to have to special build rail tracks just to collect what is sitting on the ground.

I much prefer Rasmus's idea of storage carts.
Hmm, maybe the idea of railroads would bring more interest if would serve for different else purposes too? Like same transportation unit, but it's hard to imagine how would it work in rush to enemy dungeon, maybe useful for same cavern exploration or... a way to get into the surface world..
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Quite a few interesting additions. I really like Rasmus' idea in carts being a loading unloading mechanic to storage. That seems quite feasible even in the current state of the game.

I agree though that rails don't seem to be something to be ready at this point, or so it seems. Really it is how it is done that would matter. However since quite a few of the mechanics for something like that in the very least, has not been drawn out yet; might not function as intended.

Having the minecarts used for transport I could see possible flaws if not worked well enough, after all in reference to another game that I have seen such a mechanic even in elevators the people would get stuck on waiting times for the usage of the system; both to enter and exit. So in this case it might look good on paper, but might end up being not more efficient. Of course this really all depends on how it would be done.

Still a pretty decent idea in both cases. For now though I think the simple one would be functional more than the complex as it is now. Smile
I think the main reason rails would be nice is because it removes some pathing from the game as it is a predetermined path. Along the rails you would have stations that would act similar to storage rooms where the carts would stop to be reloaded. It could be automated or operate with a switch to determine which direction it would go. The pathing to the station would be much shorter and less work for the computer. If a station wouldn't be the optimal storage area, you could always just build a storage room close to it and link it.

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