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It's been a long time since I last visited and posted here. Lot's of new changes have happened here but mostly there are lots of new members that joined here ( I do hope that will make the forum more active ). I heard the developers had launched their game to Steam, I checked it out and was happy to see the good reviews that came out of it, though only a few knew about it. It seems the developers aren't accepting any suggestion for the game anymore. Nonetheless, hope you keep it up developers! Will be expecting the full game to be much more fun and addicting ( but not that so addicting otherwise it will give me a blackeye the next day ).

NOTE: I doubt anyone will remember me but, oh well... My fault for staying out of here for too long.
NOTE 2: Hope the old members, didn't wither from the forums. T_T
NOTE 3: False alarm... It seems the developers still accept suggestions.

Here is something I drew within less than 20 minutes ( hope it will be made into a boss or at least will motivate the creativeness of the developers ):
[Image: JA_zps84584dd1.png]
Name: Theanalva Dragon
Origin: Unknown
Side: Neutral
Backstory: The once greatest boon to the underworld and to the human realm. This dragon has existed before the humans or the under-dwellers were born to this world. It's gigantic size is the most intimidating to the first timers who have seen this creature. Some say that there was once a human king, he tried to decieve the dragon and only to have his kingdom and all of the inhabitants razed.
Its horns is the most valueable to the military campaigns of both to the humans and the under-dwellers. The dragon's horn is made up of an unknown material which allows it's user to fuse any forms of magic and at the same time boost the power of anyone who wields equal to enough to slay three full battlions of army. Along with time, both faction has learned to forge and smelt weapons, of course the horn was also used by mixing it along with metal and steel mixture, or the horn was stiched to clothed-type weapons and armors. Since the horn is a supremely rare and limited resources, weapons forged with the horn were only given to heroes and underlords.
But, suddenly... the dragon went on an illogical berserk and outrage which destroyed 95% of both the humans and under-dwellers populace. This calamity is presently known as "The Great Purge". The leaders of both faction decided to form a temporary alliance in order to stop the extinction of their race. The humans sended Andro, the hero brandishing the "Lugandash Greatsword" while the under-dwellers sended Zamzenka, the scion of House Uldar and wielder of the gauntlet "Kriegz". The battle went on for 3 days until the dragon suddenly vanished. The heroes were left dead, having exhausted all their power.
Ever since that battle, both factions worked busily to rebuild their former glory. Having lost much of it's citizen, the humans decided to form the Uni-Kingdom Plan, which is to create only one kingdom for humans. The under-dwellers worked also their way to build up their populace which is through the use of the Dark Mother and it's moderator: The Hand. Many questions aroused but there are three questions which is critical: Will the dragon come back? Why did the dragon disappear? But the most mysterious: Who or what made the dragon go berserk? Until then, the humans and under-dwellers must be prepared for that event. Mysteriously, some fragment of the dragon's horn are left scattered and buried everywhere in the world.
Cool creature, reminds me a bunch of the balrog in Lord of the Rings. Also like the idea of being able to find a very rare material or having a final boss at the end of the game. It will be interesting to be able to meet other clans that have dark mothers of their own to fight against or ally with. I do not like the humans siding with us though... Makes it seem like we could actually care about their situation.
Well, it really sucks to draw something up, put out there on this forum for the world to see, and then have nobody post. You get a sense of feeling that everyone is doing the whole 'if you can't say anything nice thing'. And it's a little depressing, even if you did just pump something out in 20 minutes. I know it felt a little bad for me and my lizard hippo thing, even though now I'm starting to think that perhaps he's just not meant to be. But lemme put that aside and talk about your giant dragon fellah here.

Let me start by saying, I'm not much a fan of huge meta backstories. To me, small scale things have always been better, just because there more relatable. Basically, the bigger and grander things get, the bigger and grander everything has to become to keep pace and it can get very silly, very quickly. An example would be Dragon Ball Z, once the protagonist is powerful enough to destroy a planet, the next conflict that arises must be -stronger- than that, and the next conflict must be stronger than that still, becoming very over the top, very quickly. Which is okay for Dragon Ball Z/GT, the writer runs with it and it works. And also, I'm not comparing your writen piece to Dragon Ball Z directly as it's no where near the same scale, but using DBZ as an example of how scaling can everything from the plot, to the world setting, to everything.

But I'm prattling on now, though, I just wanted to give you some insight into my believes, because they are the believes that will shape my reaction to your work. Though, despite how I have outlined why I might be predisposed to see your work in a negative light, I'm actually going to focus more on all the positive things it brings to the table.

For one, the idea of a boss creature such as this being present in the game, and unique rewards being available for his defeat are very much what I feel something going in the right direction. For example, the horn you mentioned being important in the fusing of certain magics, for example, is a very good example of that sort of mechanic. I can imagine alters found in the game where players much gather certain things in order to summon a creature similar to this, then, need to overpower and destroy it in order to recieve the horn, and other valuables that would be unavailable anywhere else.

Though, I might mention, if his horn is important in that way, it makes it more likely there is more than one of this creature, otherwise, how would anyone know the horn achieves such a thing? This lends me to think that this fellah would serve better as a sort of 'there's more than one, but they are a very powerful and rare' sort of deal. This makes the idea of the horn being covetted by wizardy types much more. Perhaps the great purge mentioned might have involved a war with a spieces of this type, rather than a lone, legendary figure. Perhaps a few were slayn? And this is how the magical properties of the horn were discovered? I know you mention an alternative of their being bits of the horn scattered underground and that provided the insight into there properties, and that could still be implemented.

Also, let me mention the scale of the beast. Something the game, as it stands now, could in no way support. But, that's actually cool, because I would like to see the game -become- capable of supporting a creature of this scale. I'd like to see the implementation of the depth digging system to become more complex, for players to be able to dig deeper, to be able to have rooms under rooms, to make thier dungeon 3 dimensional in ways the game doesn't support right now. I would actually like to see this game take some ideas from Terraria and Minecraft. Let us really get into the whole leggo building thing. It might be hard to do, but very cool.

Anyway, It's getting late, so, I'mma stop here for now. Rep for you for putting yourself out there.
It's okay if my drawing doesn't get a comment as long as I share it ( or is it just the forum is stagnant ). Well in the backstory, it goes on the flow of intro, detail, conflict, climax then conclusion. The story doesn't build up and stack to the point of being way complex and grand, just direct and simple unless I wanna put something "mind-blowing". By the way, there is not only one horn ( if that is what you mean ) but there are actually 5-7 ( estimated ) of them scattered all over the world when the dragon suddenly disappeared. Half of them are buried while the rest are scattered across the surface. This horns are the dragon's old generation horns. The body of the dragon rejects any horn that is 100-115 years old. Of course, not only the heroes participated on the battle against the Theanalva Dragon ( guess I wasn't being detailed on the backstory ), there are also some elite troopers ( Lvl. 45-55 ) mixed from the humans and the under-dwellers.

Well, they could ( if they could make it a boss ) shrink the size of the boss in order for the game engine to accept it. It isn't necessarily have to be that big.

Thanks for the comment anyway, I see that you are somewhat new on the forum.
Art for the heroes that participated on the battle against the Theanalva Dragon.
[Image: Yada_zpsc75dd8c4.png]
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[Image: DTKSigALPHA_zps493b8f06.jpg]
Fair enough, though, one thing. You mention that he came into existence before humans and under dwellers, yet a little later, you mention his origin being 'once a human king'. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a misconception for those that believe it, but you might want to clarify that.

If he sheds his horns, and their are that many to shed, then I can see how his horn would be a rare, yet known and coveted item.

Zamzenka seems interesting. What's he supposed to be?
No... It is actually rumor where there was a human king that tried to decieve the Theanalva Dragon, but the dragon did not fall to his game so he destroyed his kingdom ( he deserved it! ).

Yeah... since shedding it's horns takes more than one human's life span to wait until it is acquired. Besides, they have to wait for the dragon to leave it's home in order for them to get the horn. Some just wait for the horns to roll far away from it's nest before they get it.

Zamzenka is quite a prominent and knowledgeable type of under-dweller, formed by cross-breeding a draken and a giant. He is gifted when it comes to his magic and physical power. His gauntlet, the "Kriegz" helps him boost his strength and power up the magic he casts. Though, he is not good when it comes to tactics. He would rather prefer to attack straight on, feasting on the blood of his foes.
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[Image: DTKSigALPHA_zps493b8f06.jpg]
Hmmm... I am running out of ideas on what to draw? Can anyone suggest something? I am open ( if someone could reply, forums is becoming a graveyard for the undead ).
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[Image: DTKSigALPHA_zps493b8f06.jpg]
Yeah it has been kinda slow lately while Rasmus is working on optimizing the game, but welcome back anyways! Things like this have kinda gone by the wayside I think mostly due to the design/redesign of the game's core mechanics. I can't wait until we get to the point where the discussion starts moving towards adding characters and features because I think that will get a lot of traffic running through here again, but I can be patient.

I think it would be an awesome addition perhaps in campaign mode where the end goal is to defeat your dragon. It very well could be a large creature several tiles high where a large swath of the earth is cleared so it would fit, and perhaps have a cave in the wall behind it so it doesn't look like it is just stuck in this hole in the dirt. Perhaps it would be more like you defeat it to a certain point then it retreats into the cave to appear later on down the line.

It's really kinda hard to judge the lore, because we really don't have much of a story from the developers standpoint to anchor to. It's fun to try and come up with those, but it may not fit into whatever the story of Dwelvers will be. On the other hand, we really don't have any human-like characters except from the Goodly side, and I personally prefer the under-dwellers to be more creature than human. Especially hybridized characters that don't fit the general list of bad guys and demons that you see everywhere. I'm a fan of anime to an extent myself, but like a lot of games out there, anime has tons of titles that are merely regurgitations of previous classics and rarely have much originality to the characters or the plot line. That's one of the reasons why I like this game because I think that is the main goal here, use traditional game types and fuse it into something more unique.
Really nice arts, but it is as Mello said, the problem is that Dwelvers is missing a story line at the moment. We tried to implement one a while ago, but because many of the planned features wasn't finished yet it became a distraction trying to get the game to fit a storyline. The plan is to make the game first and the storyline around it. But that doesn't mean that art and suggested story lines isn't inspiring, because they are. Inspiration is something that is very important when pushing the game forward, but it is important to keep it loosely IMO.
@Mello Tonin: Thanks for the warm greetings Mello Tonin. Hehehe, well stereotypes on characters can be found on almost every game except for the first ones who made that idea. But I did get your point of Dwelvers using the traditions and classics to make it unique.

@Rasmus: Thank you Rasmus! (^_^) I'm very glad you are inspired ( I guess it was all worth it ). Congratulations for getting your game in Steam and for all the positive reviews you got.

Is there anything you could suggest of what I should draw next? I am open ( If human is on the drawing, then expect it to be in anime. ).
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[Image: DTKSigALPHA_zps493b8f06.jpg]
One of the main aspects of the game are creatures and the - origin, behavior, special needs and other social aspects, why, where, etc they have these abilities and those "stats", etc. They're not treat as a cannon fodder, but as something living, that it can disagree with us, approve or hate what we do, etc. Probably most of creatures will be made before making a storyline, some may be created for a storyline, will see. Dwelvers has specific target how will it look like as a game, what mechanisms rule Dwelvers world, the storyline must fit the environment, theme and those mechanisms.

It would anyway be great a new creature is released people come to nice ideas for their storyline. Smile
Rasmus I think there could be mentioned somewhere in some online page on website what are the plans of game development so include that creatures first then storyline and why is that. What do you think?
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