Solved & Confirmed 0.8f - Intermittent assertion failure
I am experiencing a C++ runtime assertion failure that brings down the game. There does not appear to be anything specific that I can do to trigger it, but it occurs about 3-10 minutes after loading my saved game. I initially played it for probably 2 hours without reloading it and had no problems, so I suspect it is either related to loading the saved game or my dungeon becoming too resource intensive for my machine.

The assertion message is included below and I've attached the Crash Report. I tried to attach the save game file (they compress really well with 7z, from 21MB down to less than 3MB), but your forum apparently does not permit 7z attachments. I can email it if you'd like to PM me an address.

The assertion message is as follows:
Quote:Assertion failed!
C++ Runtime error

Program: ...
File: WorkBuild.cpp
Line: 284

Expression: false

Attached Files
.txt   DwelversCrash114-11-5-22-58-58.txt (Size: 19,73 KB / Downloads: 2)
Thank you Smile
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This is a issue is related to a situation in the dungeon where the building being built didn't get built. The error shows that something isn't behaving properly with the construction sites.
Do you have the save game? If you look at the construction sites you have active is about to be completed you may see where the issue is arising.

The assertion failures can always be ignored, try running the game in windowed mode when checking the issue so that the assertion message is visible and easily ignored.
I have sent you a pm.
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