My New Idea Creature Idea - Drogg (Hounds)
I was thinking of having a trainable attack unit similar to what a worg would be in lord of the rings.

Basically a quite hairy beast that resembles a wolf/dog in the wild with more spikey fur all over leading towards the back. Short tail at back and walk on all 4 legs.

They would be trained by one of the other races in the dungeon, like goblin or lizardman. More inclined to say goblin or even kobold like creature. This is one creature that likes snapping at the imps like it was a bone to chew, hence the training.

I would think it would be the trainer that would train and lead them in battle like hunting hounds. Training grounds would be a pen of sorts where they are kept behind a fence or short barrier.

Size I would think would be a little bigger than an imp but smaller than an orc, hence it being something at least of equal size to train them or maybe bigger. Reason I say equal size is possible to have goblin as trainer and possibly eventually be mounted by them.

I'd imagine this possible when the overworld is set in, and it could be part of raiding parties. At least how I imagined it. After all it is a hunt to loot and pillage more likely, so it is a primary hound trained to seek out these, as well a combatant to stifle the odds.

The name I came up with just sounded nice to me, after all the r in the name reminds me that they are fed with meat by the trainer. The more rare the meat the more enjoyable by the drogg. So by that note how they eat is being fed by the trainer.
I was actually brainstorming Wargs the other day, but only got as far as thinking it would be cool if they were acid drooling, sort of like one of those dogs that always has drool coming out of their mouth, but having it steam and such when it hits the ground (programing willing). I was also trying to come up with a good name for the unit, and I have to say, Drogg is pretty good.

I was working with the concept of them being like, these big fat husky looking things with an axe blade or something on a tail which would wag more like a dog, rather than saber up like a husky would. I just like the idea of a really dumb looking dog drooling acid and with a wagging axe blade tail sort of being overly excitable, perhaps even having the danger of showing affection to it's own comrads and causing acid damage with it's licking tongue.

I've also been toying with pitching the idea of a unit who's job it is to actually be a sort of beast tamer in general. Not extending just to Droggs, but to other beast like creatures that could be included in the game. Anyway, I approve of the idea of a dog like unit in the game.
Yeah that is why I pretty much put it as trainer, as that part I roughly got down; since the main focus is on the drogg.

The trainer could essentially be another unit like you are mentioning, that trains beasts and cares for them.

An acid drooling dog... O_o That would be interesting. Like any idea it is a start.

I just basically had all what I wanted in mind for the creature, as it was something I was pondering before bed yesterday and posted today. I like trying to come up with as many details as I can, within reason before posting, and the reason I somewhat fleshed it out. Glad you like the idea.

The couple you mentioned sound decent enough as well. As that was kind of the idea I had with the trainer. At least when the overworld gets more finished; as would be a good place where the trainer would also have possible chance to tame first and then maybe put in kennel to train as needed. Well something like that. At least for the drogg, while some would even be found underground to train. Maybe should be a separate idea, but something I might have to mull over before attempting to post; unless someone else does before me. Over all the idea has a good start, just needs more to it...
Seems like a good solid idea. Having a tamer of some sort would also work for making scouts out of the bats we have flying around.
I know this is a little late to make a comment on, but I think the idea of making bat scouts with a tamer class creature is a prett darn cool idea. I kinda imagine them being like, kept in a pigeon coop. Used to transport messages, maybe even call themsomthing else and have them lay like, bat eggs the player can make into food.
The underworld chicken where the eggs get smaller... Well theoretically. I actually do like the idea of having bats as a tamed mob being a scout, as well the dairy supply. Would add some more to food in that respects. Also another trade item, but then again there more likely be many trade items added with each new thing in equipment/food/resource.
Ooo, I never thought of milk. I think that might serve the food need and feel a little more natural, if not a little twisted. Very nice. I can totally believe a bunch of netherworldly demonoids guzzling down flagons of bat milk. Good form.

Oh, what about Cockatrice eggs? A Cockatrice would fit very nicely with this hybrid theme, and it makes sense they would lay eggs, too.
?? eggs are dairy... O_o That is what I was referencing when I mentioned that. ><

Although would be nice to have a mob for a milk type.

Anyway with what you are saying does make sense in a twisted way; with the bats that is. And you are right I didn't really think of that. milk bats hmm... very odd.

Well if that is the case, then yeah cockatrice would be just right for eggs. Be a nice combat unit as well. Different, but usuable. Although unsure how that one would be implemented. Does fit.
Interesting ideas, we'll take it into consideration. Milking bats might be a bit weird though. Wink But bats do drop guano that can be used as fertilizer, they also pollinate flowers. They do not lay eggs though, they give birth to live young.
Weird but true, look up the Dayak fruit bat, but if paternal milking is a bit over the line for some, you could always go with the next best thing:

Duck-Rabbit MILK!!!

[Image: TEzn.jpg]
Yeah, I'm aware bat's don't lay eggs, Kristian XD That's why I said 'call them something else'. Like I dunno. 'Gobwings'. They you can say 'bat's don't lay eggs, but gobwings do'. But, I think a cockatrice might be a better egg laying unit.

As for the bat milk thing being weird.. Yeah, that's the point. They're monsters! They like weird things. Things we, as humans, would find gross and repulsive. But yeah, maybe if you have other plans for the bat, those might be better.
Haha, milking bats. I don't know how we should perform that animation and make it look good Wink

As you said KhaosFrog, we could make another creature could resemble the bat and that could lay eggs, but we already have the "Flappy" creature, so maybe something else. We are in the hunt for a creature to be used for farming meat and web (for rope).

Something you said Kristian about bats fertilizing flowers, maybe we could use them somehow to fertilize the antroot farmland?
The Piggeh could be a good source for meat and the Cyclotaur could be milked. Wink

Rasmus: Yeah, bat shit is called guano and it contains stuff that could be used as fertilizer. Could be used to fertilize the farmland. They also pollinate flowers which might be something for the surface world (but could be used for underground farms too), of course other creatures also pollinate flowers (bees etc).
(26-01-2015, 04:04 PM)Rasmus Wrote: Something you said Kristian about bats fertilizing flowers, maybe we could use them somehow to fertilize the antroot farmland?

That would be funny and kinda disgusting - perfect for such game. Big Grin
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The answer to farming meat and web/rope is simple, and Homer Simpson is the genius behind it. The answer is:


In order to get around the name, we could call it Arachniswine.

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