My New Idea Creature Idea - Drogg (Hounds)
I don't even want to think of the animation to milk a bat...>< Although something did come to mind, not quite what you would initially think. What came to mind was a machine that a bat sits on, and the machine does the work for the bat; however might need to crank it up like a innovative piston water wheel... The goblin tinkerer next door thought of the design.

Anyway, I think the guano for fertilizer might work best, even if the above mentioned machine would be interesting to see.

Still like the idea of a cockatrice for eggs, as that would make the most sense for that particular food item. Just put a blindfold on the rancher ones, and it could be a ninja bird; however that might be going a bit far... If not a bird why not a Draknar, a cross between a comodo dragon and a crocodile. At least for eggs.

spiderpig... well that sounds nice. Although I think I like the idea of "Hogchula" better. Meaty and plenty of silk.

Is all I can think of at the moment.
Yes! Hogchula is much better than Arachniswine.
I still like the idea of a bat coop, personally. But yeah, I think requiring guano to farm would add a lot to the game. The game sort of needs more 'push' toward resource gathering before expansion. I think this would work well. But the problem is, fishing is already waaaay easier and more effective than farming as it stands. So making it take more steps would make it even less useful.

But, while were on the subject of farming, I was thinking maybe the game needs more crops for various things besides just making beer and feeding minions. Like, I had this idea for a crop called a 'Smolder berry' which would be needed to make 'Black ink' which you would need to scribe 'scrolls', and 'books'. This could require finding the berries wild underground and gathering seeds, as well as bat guano to produce. And could be the first step players need to take before casting more advanced spell craft.

Oh, for those of us that don't know what a Cockatrice is. It's a mythical bird that's supposed to be a mix of Cock (chicken), and snake, who's bite turns people to stone, or, after reading the wiki it's a little vaguer than that. But, basically, a deadly monster chicken-reptile. Fits very well with the hybrid theme ya'll are going for, I think. Also, it's actual myth. Which I think is kinda snazzy.

[Image: latest?cb=20100322023201]
id love to see all these thing in game most of all the bat guano Heart
[Image: 5.jpg]
Fishing is definitely what I use to keep minions fed, but at some point balance will be brought to the cooking process. It had been speculated before that different creatures would have different dietary requirements, so for example a Fishman may love to eat fish, but not really care for bread. I think when considering adding materials to the game they really need to serve more than one purpose. Guano is a material which actually could be used for multiple purposes like: fertilizer (as mentioned), Piggeh bed construction (let's face it, Pigs love muck), certain potions (if incorporated), adding to weapons to cause disease effects, and probably others that I can't think of at the moment.
just a question but would the hogchula and cockatrice be like the drogg
if so then there should be a room called the pen or something to keep all the animal like creatures in.
(would asking for ligers in game be to much since they are real)
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Yeah, it's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic. What a fine fit. We totally got off topic here...I blame myself.
(27-01-2015, 08:50 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: Yeah, it's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic. What a fine fit. We totally got off topic here...I blame myself.

do not blame yourself friendthe more ideas the better for the game
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How about a liger mixed with a displacer beast? Displacer beasts are pretty darn awesome. As for other beasts, yeah, I think we need a beast tamer creature. And a room for them. Though, I should go on the record, I don't like the hog spider. XD That's just me. Maybe something else with a spider. But, let's not forget, it's okay to have a few 'classics' thrown in there from time to time. I personally think it'd just be cool to have spiders.. Or maybe driders, like the maiden creature that was added to DK2 later on. But maybe more bestial looking?

But it's interesting you mentioned the dietary needs thing, Mello. I made a rough outline of dietary stuff in my inspirational showcase thingie. The short of it, various teirs of food can be made with increasing resources. Mainly, Meat, Pastry, Carrion, and Nethergy (Which is mana.. but sounds cooler). I see Droggs as carrion eaters. So various other foods would need to be taken to a compose heap (station) and rotted before served to them. Likely in a different form of serving device, such as a beast feeding bowl on the floor, rather than a dish on a table.

I had some other thoughts about droggs, for one, I think they should replace Lizard men (or lizard-shark men, I actually really prefer classic lizard men, give the option for hostile race of sharkmen later) as the first arrival units for invading heroes. Instead, I think Lizardmen should serve as more offensive shock troops, being able to swim fast, and climb up blocks higher than other creatures, allowing them to be the first to strike (I see them as monitor lizards, like nile monitors, which are quite adept at both swimming, and climbing) . While Droggs, with there keen dog like senses, would be the first to know if offending forces are nearby, acting sort of like living alarms. Maybe even barking and scratching at walls when rogues are behind it, trying to get through?

Also, I had a strange idea that, droggs could be a poisoning class of creature, they have demonic fleas on them that can infect other units. Plaguing them with a DoT attack and hurting there stats as well as there acid bite....

Um, I actually have a concept for them, I'm gonna dig it up and scan it now..
I'm disappointed my Napoleon Dynamite reference was missed...
Ah, fuck. It totally was v.v I tunnel a bit when talking about game stuff sometimes XD

But, still, I think some form of cat beast would be good to round off the edges.. and displacer beasts are pretty.. darn.. cool.

Or maybe a spider lion? I think I find that much more palatable than a hog spider, mostly because we already have piggehs.
i would very much enjoy a creature almost like a khajit from skyrim
or yea a lider(half spider/half lion).
And how about a bear (lions and tigers and bears oh my god yes)
i believe the wizard of oz has helped with the creation of a new 3 type species hybrid Smile the head and tail of a bear the mane and hind legs of a lion and the front legs of a tiger.
good idea Huh
[Image: 5.jpg]
[Image: 3t5ury.jpg]
I dunno about the name 'lider' It sounds to much like Lighter. And I think it's important we there isn't multiples of the same animal being used in multiple hybrids. Or, wait, I'm not really sure how the hybrid system is going to work..

But anyway I mostly am not keen on the hog spider because there are already piggehs. Now if the game allows for a hybrid making system, all this is well and good. But honestly, I think the proposed idea is a little insane. The only way I could see it being conceivably done would be to make sure all created hybrid share the same sets of skeletons as to reuse animations. Maybe having things like wings or alike animated separately and attached to bones. Still, that's pretty huge an undertaking. But that's all on the devs.

If were just going for random stuff we run into, I think a spider cat would be pretty freaken cool. More spider than cat, with cat like mannerisms. I think that'd be adorable. Espiecally if it had cat like ear things. XD
random hybrids thanks to google images







i got a few more but i find these to be on topic of pigs spiders cats
and bears
[Image: 5.jpg]

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