Dwelvers Journal 2014.12.23 - Slow news delivery
I agree that the news flow have been a "little" slow lately, and this Steam forum post really shows that: http://steamcommunity.com/app/276870/dis...883954892/

So I have given it a lot of thought and this is the solution I came up with and posted on the Steam forum thread:

Quote:Thank you for your advice. I gave this a lot of thought last night and I realize that something must be done. I have enough self awareness to know that even if I promise to be more active on the news front there will always be some lack of information now and then. The optimal thing to do is too keep a frequent flow of news coming out of the social media that Dwelvers is a part of.

Right now we have YouTube, IndieDB, Facebook, Twitter, The website, Steam and the forum, and all these different media needs to be entertained differently. When it comes to the website, forum, steam and IndieDB one big news update a week should be efficient, but Facebook and twitter on the other hand will require a much more frequent news-flow to keep up the interest.

My solution after a lot of thought have been this:
Right now I do most of the programming in a office that actually is a rented office space in a larger building where other game developers sits. We all work on our own games, but it keeps the motivation high surrounding myself with people that have the same interest as myself. One of the guys sitting here right next too me is the owner of a site called FireFlowerGames, he have recently also started working as a publisher. So I talked to him today and we reached an agreement that he will help me organize and keep the news flowing and also help me distribute the game on other sites if possible.

With this agreement he will make sure that there will be at least one twitter feed each day, one Facebook feed every second day, and bigger news as a sum up every week on the other channels.

He don't have a part of the actual development of the game, but as he sits right next too me when I work I think there will be no problem keeping him up to date. He will start working after new year, but will present himself in the next day or two here at the forum.

Hopefully this solution will take some of the pressure of me and at the same time keep the news up to date.
Thanks for the update.
Frankly i know how development works and I'm not really worried but that doesn't mean I'm not eager to see updates. I'm sure others feel like this as well.
It's important to focus on getting things done so having someone to help you with boosting the game's image can help a lot.
As people invest money into the game I think they deserve to get as much feedback as possible about the development. Also, there is a direct connection between the sales and the number of news updates we do, so going down this road should definitely be beneficial for all parties Smile
With Kristian on board, I bet it will be much easier to keep the community more informed. Like 2Xmatch, I know how dev teams work, and how dev projects can have lulls between updates. I've got loads of patience, but so glad we have a new toy to play with as a late Christmas present.

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