New Feature! I & S - Upgraded creature menu v2.0
The creature menu is now completed, I started a topic about this earlier, but I wanted to make a new one summing up all the new design and the new features that comes with it.

The character menu


Here the player can see a mirror with the creature in it that has been selected, he can see its stats, needs and what he is doing right now. There is also an option to zoom in on the creature by clicking on the magnifier glass in the mirror.

Below the character menu the player has the option to select other creatures by first selecting the race and then the creature. The creature names are also visible when selecting them, this is so that the player easily can find a specific creature.

The inventory menu


Here the player can see what this specific creature has equipped. There is also a possibility to zoom in on the creature with the magnifier glass just as the menu before.

In this picture the auto equipment is active for the right hand, this is seen both that the "Auto" text is marked and that the right hand has a "A" in the top right of the square. Therefore the items that are equip-able are shadowed and can not be selected.

If the player chooses to click the body and then on manual equipment he will get this image:


Now there is an option to select the items that are equip-able, all items that the player can see in the regular items menu are now available as an equipment option for the creature. But the number of items that are available right now can be seen in the numbers in the bottom hovering the item image. In this case we have a hide armor where it says "1 / 1", this means that there are one hide armor either equipped on another creature or one hide armor laying in a storage room, the second "1" means that there are one hide armor in the storage room available for equipment.

The leather armor on the other hand have the text "2 / 1", which means that the player "owns" 2 leather armors, but one of the is already equipped by another creature. In this way it will be easier for the player to choose an equipment for the creature that he knows will be equipped shortly.

Nothing is instantly equipped anymore, when the player choose to equip the creature with an hide armor as in the picture the hide armor will be shown in the body equipment lower right frame, from this point the creature will go to the storage room and equip the hide armor as soon as it becomes available.

The history menu


This menu is nothing the player can modify, but it can be very informative. Here the player will see a task history of certain creature, when a task is performed and finished as it should be, then there will be a green "check", but if something occures that cancels the task for this creature a red "cross" will appear on the image. If the player then hovers the task that has gotten cancelled he will get some information about what it was that caused the cancellation, in this case it was that the imp got assigned to a room and therefore he was not allowed to do any path claiming outside it.

The main purpose for this is that the AI is more effective the less crossed over tasks there are, and by directly seeing what tasks gets crossed over it will be easier to discover flaws in the AI.

The equipment menu


Here we have the auto equipment menu, this menu is selectable by race and not by individual creature. By selected a body part like the right hand in this picture the player can select what item will be equipped in what order on that body part. When looking at the right hand we see that the auto equipment priority for Orcs goes like this. If there is an barbarian axe available in the storage room he will equip it, if not he will look to see if there are an barbarian sword available, if not then he will look for a club. If nothing is available then he will not equip anything on this body part.

When a body part is being manual equipped as in the inventory menu as shown before, then this item being chosen under manual equipment is being prioritized before the Barbarian axe.

The task menu


Here we have something totally new that I haven't mentioned before. Now the player are able to choose what tasks should be prioritized before others. This is done with a drag and drop system, so if the player wants path claiming to be prioritized before digging, then he can drag the path claiming task and drop it on the digging task and they will switch orders.
I like the last feature the best. Thanks for showing all these new things!
Thank you for a elaborate run down of the new menu. Looks pretty well laid out in function and design. That last feature as well the auto equip parts peak my interest. Nice work.Smile
I agree with Mataran. I was working on a flow chart that was going to break down tasks to try and get some better prioritization going on, but this looks great. Time to see it in action.
I'm very excited by this new addition. Can't wait to give it a test run when it's good and ready.

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