New Feature! I & S - New development tools
New development tools

First I want to show you this image:


Here we see a development tools menu with a variety of options, this is to make the debugging of the game a lot easier. Instead of having all the key combo shortcuts like "Alt+F" too remove the fog or "Alt+D" too enter the development mode we now only have "Alt+T" to enter the tools menu, and from there the player can easily choose an option he wants to activate or deactivate with a mouse click.

  • Remove fog of war - Removes the fog of war.
  • Dev mode - Shows some extra information and also gives the player the option to instantly build or dig on the tiles.
  • Disable camera culling - Disables the camera culling thread.
  • Debug rendering - This is an old option that haven't been updated in a while, but it is still there as an option in case it will be updated again.
  • Reset textures and models - Resets the texture graphic and model graphics, unfortunately this option is only available for developer at the moment and can't be used in the game for ordinary players. But it will be in the future.
  • Hide GUI - Disables all 2D rendering on the screen, good for when taking screenshots.
  • Dump function performance - This option is also only available for developers, it is a good way of finding bottlenecks in the code. Will be available for everyone in the future.
  • Disable rendering - Disables all 2D and 3D gameplay rendering and only updates the game.
  • Show game performance - Shows what graphic card is being used, the FPS, num triangles being rendered each frame and what threads are active. This can be activated from start, so if the game freezes the player can see what threads are active at the moment and therefore locate the issue easier.
  • Show walkable for the player - This option is very useful if the player creatures are not pathfinding as they should, it shows what tiles are walkable, and what tiles that can be walked to from what tiles. It is the green arrows in the screenshot above.
  • Show walkable for the enemy - This option is very useful if the enemy creatures are not pathfinding as they should, it shows what tiles are walkable, and what tiles that can be walked to from what tiles. It is the red arrows in the screenshot above.
  • Show pathfinding - This option will show numbers over the screen showing if a tile is included in the pathfinding. If a room gets destroyed it can modify these values, but it is up to the game to restore them as soon as possible for a smooth game play.
  • Render checkers - This option will replace all the textures with a checkers pattern, it is very useful when it comes to creating a consistently detailed textures for the models. If the pattern is too detailed then the texture resolution for this model can probably be decreased without the players seeing any difference.
Does the walkable also include neutral, like the bats? Or are they considered enemies?
Nice, I guess I woulda known about ALT-T if I had read through everything first. My OCD finally kicked in and I couldn't start plowing through bugs fully until all the other Imp icons on the main topics page were grey...
Woot! Dev tools!

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