New Feature! I & S - Launcher version 2.0
Launcher version 2.0

The launcher has been remade and redesigned. The reason for this is that I have started to dislike to have the launcher working a separate program on the side. Also the screen resolutions didn't work well with the other program for some reason, but it does now.

So here it is:


It looks a little cleaner than the last one and it contains some new options as well. The main advantage of this launcher is that it is integrated with the game and will launch with the start up of Dwelvers.

Launcher options:
  • Graphic adapter - If the user have several graphic cards he will get the option to choose from them here. There are still a small bug with this when it comes to the fullscreen unfortunately. If the user chooses another graphic-card than the one is being used in windows then the fullscreen will not work. The same applied to the older version, but it is nothing that I have discovered until now. I will fix it until the next version and I do have some sample code on how to make it work, so the only reason this haven't been fixed is because of time and priority.
  • Resolution - Here the user can choose between possible fullscreen resolutions supported by the graphiccard chosen.
  • Fullscreen - if selected then the game will run in fullscreen mode.
  • Texture quality - Here the player can choose too lower the texture quality in the game, it will increase the performance and also make the game run on graphiccards that have low graphiccard memory.
  • Model detail - Here the player can choose too lower the model detail in the game, it will increase the performance. This is still a work in progress as all the models in the game don't have a lower model quality than its default.
  • Language - Here the player can choose the language of the game. This is also a work in progress because the translations will almost always come behind the new releases. But if this is the case, then the sentences that haven't been translated will output in the default English language.
  • Language warning - If this option is selected then the game will warn if a translation is missing.
  • Debug button - This will launch the Dwelvers Debugger program that must be run before Dwelvers to work properly.
  • Play button - This will launch Dwelvers.
I thought this was a good place to post this:

I have added an information window in the launcher so that it will show the player when something of importance is going on, like the Kickstarter that is going on right now Smile


What do you think? Smile
Yeah I like the additional notification especially while the development is still in progress. Once the Kickstarter campaign is done, it would be a nice way to remind people of other events you've got lined up, or focus testing on a particular feature. You could update those notifications whether otnot the version of the game changes.
Yeah, I will probably make it load a text file with instructions from the site each time the game loads, image / image with link / no image.

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