Just purchased!
Hi all!

I used to play a lot of DK2 and loved that game, but this (imho) is better! This is the sort of game I was hoping someone might eventually write so I'm extremely pleased to have finally stumbled across it!

I've just bought two copies on Steam, one for myself first and then shortly after, another copy for the other (better) half who is now as hooked as I am!

I love that you can dig down and aren't limited to just 2D exploration. That potentially opens up all sorts of extra possibilites... the gameplay is fluid and engaging, the graphics are great, the little detailed animations a wonderful touch (like when all the creatures jump slightly with the same thought bubble when you tell then to dig out an area) you can zoom out to a very decent degree (one of my gripes with DK2) and as well it kinda reminds me a little of dwarf fortress which I dabbled with... but am probably too stupid to get into all the "intricacies" that particular title offers :-)

Dev, you've done a fantastic job with this! We both love it. Very happy to have come across it and am really looking forward to being part of how this evolves in time. As an early access alpha it puts many many other titles to utter shame.
Hi Cruster and welcome to the forum Smile

Thank you for your kind words, and I am very pleased too hear that you liked it so much (even if it is still in a early development) Smile

Not to lie, this game is currently packed with features and even more will come shortly. The biggest flaw as I see it, is that it is a little unbalanced. But it will be solved soon enough!

Once again, welcome to the forum, and don't hesitate to post any ideas you may have or bugs that you may find Smile
Welcome Cruster, and to your better half. Glad you could join us here and that you guys stumbled on to this game. Now that the latest version is released, there's going to be a lot going on here, so I hope you can find time between games to give some feedback. That's one of my favorite things about Dwelvers, the community. So have fun, and welcome to our community!
Welcome! Welcome to our dark loveable dungeon!! May many minions bow down before your feet this year!!!Cool

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