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Solved & Confirmed 0.8g - 2 weird errors

I just have this game for 2 days but evertime i launch the game i first get some kind of error but the game still keeps running, so its not really something that is game breaking but still an error which can never be a good thing xD

second error i get is somewhat anoying when im trying to make a trade route and i click the "!" icon it instantly give an error and the game crash i can choose out of 3 options ignore retry or close basicly all option have the same outcome the game closes

Il post a screeny with on the left side the launcher error and on the right side the crash

Hey, and welcome. With that first error, is it a Windows dialog window which you can hit an Ignore button to continue the game? Did you happen to note what the message said? An easy way if you weren't aware to get a screen shot of those is to press Alt-Prt Scr so you capture only the error message and not the whole screen.

As far as the second one, this has already been documented here. As many times as this one has been reported, I would say it's one of those that effects all players.
Ok so i added the error only i get when i try to make a trade route

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Solved but need confirmation!

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