Solved & Confirmed 0.8g - Game just froze when i quit the game
the game froze when i quit the game im not sure wether it was when i pressed quit of after i pressed yes/ok ( im a little tired atm )

anyway i had to terminate the exe with the task manager
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I have try many way but the debuger never catch something.

The crash come when you save and quit if you start the game load a savegame no crash.
i have 0.8h version
This bug is directly related to this issue:

I would actually like to see this one tested with the new version. There were some freezing at the end when I investigated the ALT TAB issue described here:
When I solved this issue the freezing went away.

Solved with the next version. (I hope)
Yeah, I can confirm this happens in 0.8h too. I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to close down Dwelvers and a crash log is never generated in the debugger. Could this be related to the issue you came across related to video memory usage, and perhaps that data is not being unloaded by the graphics card properly?
Solved with the next version (the 0.8i version that is).
Dwelvers Alpha 0.8i released, this bug is now solved but it need confirmation (from players) Smile

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