Dwelvers Journal 2015.01.10 - Back at work
As some of you may know I have been to Israel on vacation this last week visiting Ben (BurningPet), I made a little topic about it here:


Now I am back and will look into some if the issues and bugs that have been reported with this last version. One of the most serious bugs is that some people are experiencing crashes at startup. I am possitive that this is because of the new launcher menu and that the game has been a little bit more demanding on GPU Memory usage, issues like crashes on startup can most often be solved by using another graphics adaptor and lower the texture quality.

We have now also gotten a Dancing Devils sign over the workplace, it may not make much difference in advertising purposes, but we got it with a really big discount as all the signs were to be replaced anyways, so I thought, why not? Smile

[Image: ipV1QC.jpg]

Well, now it is back to work for me. The issue with the trading routes crash has been solved, but the glowing textures and crashes at startup hasn't. As soon as these are fixed I will make a new patch.
Nice to hear... That looks like an inviting feast, although can't exactly tell what they are; still looks tasty. Smile

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