Dwelvers Journal 2013.10.08 - Media section with videos added to website
Check it out dwelvers.com/#media Smile

I was also thinking on adding fan made videos to an extra folder for people to view Smile What do you think?
Great idea, people could check the game from the other side in different combination. They will get a little promotion thanks to this, so it's good for both sides. Smile
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Very nice! I just went there but it was a bit unclear what the videos were about until i moused over them. Maybe put some tekst on top or beneath them ? Big Grin
I will see what I can do, I used JAlbum when creating the media site, and they should have options for that..

EDIT: And yeah, I will soon add some info to the website that anyone can inform me if they would like their video there. As long as it is promoting the game, my website is a dictatorship Wink
(08-10-2013, 01:29 PM)Rasmus Wrote: JAlbum when creating the media site

Yeah, I noticed the pop-up because of the free version. Fortunately that isn't persistent. It is a bit touchy like when on the videos section when scrolling the window it also switches the video on the screen. Good stuff tho.
I will look into the scrolling problem, I also find it annoying that the media section also uses scrolling. But I think it is solvable..

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