Already reported 0.8h - New game Crashed
I start new game after first installing. Set resolution to fullscreen 1920-1200, and set off the music, then start new game and had a crush. Game not started at all.

.txt   DwelversCrash_v0.8h.txt (Size: 9,14 KB / Downloads: 0)
Several people are mentioning that the game can crash on start up. Some of the things that have helped are: run in windowed mode, avoid using Alt+Tab, and/or reduce the quality of graphics even if you have a card that should support a game like this on high quality. An update will be coming soon that may have fixed the issue you are experiencing since crashes at start up was a prime focus for this update. Try those things I mentioned, and hopefully that can get you by till the next patch.
Thank you, in windowed mode it work fine.
You're welcome, glad I could help.
I will not add this to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes because we already have bugs reported with gamecrashes from start.

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