Solved & Confirmed 0.8i - Claiming additional path tiles
I recently run on a bug that was bugging Smile me for some time.
I often fill large areas with rock blocks when i don't need tchem anymore. I always saw that while imps were claiming path tiles some of the block blueprints just disappeared, and i had to place tchem again. Similar to disappearing mining markinks in another thread.

This time i managed to take a screenshot of interesting situation. While imp was claiming one tile. The tile in front of him turned from regular dirt into stone wall with dirt ontop. That adjacent block replacement before imp even stand on it may be the cause of disappearing blueprints.

stone wall appeared just one tile left from imp claiming path.
[Image: BJ5zco1.jpg]

Large area test (right side was filled with stairbut most of tchem was build before imps started to claim territory):
[Image: 117s2QU.jpg]

Test Result - On the left side nearly every second BP disappeared, due to additional adjacent blocks updates:
[Image: ZHchC1x.jpg]
another test - stairs, ladders at walls at bottom part and hudrauilcs are all affected, and many BPs are missing after territory was claimed:
[Image: BdwDBOM.jpg]

I also noticed that while imps are reinforcing walls often two blocks are replaced instead of one.

It's not gamebreaking, but annoying.
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Solved with the next version (0.8j)!

I have fixed the issue with that the building-sites sometimes disappear. But I will not fix the "issue" with that the walls next to the one they are claiming / reinforcing also gets reinforced. I have it like this because the player can't easily get around all the corners and reinforce all the walls without destroying and rebuilding walls. So if there already are 2 walls next to a wall that is about to get reinforced, then this wall will get reinforced as well.
Version 0.8j has been released, this bug is solved but need confirmation Smile
It seems better at the moment.
To be honest it still happened to me that some blueprints disapeared, but it's so hard to reproduce now that i am not sure what was the case... i think when imp reinforces wall under blueprint may clear it sometimes. Anyway it happens so rare now i can't be sure if this is the same case as above.

About reiforcing additional tiles - i get your point, but sometimes theare are more blocks reinforced that should be. I often see wall reinforced 2 blocks deep into rock at once. Sometimes in places it shouldn't. I think it should reinforce only corner blocks, and only when at least 2 surrounding blocks are already reinforced.
I think that reinforcing additional block is required only in case of corners. But it is often to see imps reinforcing block on left and right on a straight wall, and then block in the middle reinforces all by itself.
Another thing with reinforcing adjacent tiles while claiming path - i think that there is no need to reinforce block that have path on top (or else - walkable). Additional reinforcement would still occur under walls, when claiming path next to them.

For some reasone i cant make screenshot of the game anymore... don't know why Sad
Here i tried to draw what i had in mind. Hope it helps.
[Image: DlGIE0C.png]
Okay, I will take a look at it again, you are probably right that the reinforcement may need some polishing Smile
As far as i remember in dungeon keeper walls simply wasnt reinforced on corners, and i dont think it was any problem. Maybe it would be worth considering to set up a poll and ask if others really want to have outer corners reinforced, or its just 'who cares' kind of stuff. If its neutral then i think you could consider disabling reinforcing in addidional blocks and therefore get rid of some unwanted surprises. Otherwise, as you said, some polishing in future would be nice.
In DK 1 you could reinforce corners whenever your imps are reinforcing a wall next to the corner and in only that case they somehow reinforce two walls then instead of one - what seems to be regular for each reinforced blocks in Dwelvers. Only special box that reinforce all the walls in your dungeon where you have tiles claimed doesn't reinforce corners. Guess it's much complicated in multileveled world..
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Hmmm... i remembered it a bit different. Must have a check about that.

Ah, indeed. You're right. Corners are made, but they disapear when enemy claims path next to them. That's why my memory tricked me. Sorry for messing up.

Maybe it would be good in case of multilayered dungeon if claiming path from above would reinforce only block below, leaving corner reinforcement trigger only while improving walls from their side. That would generally solve the issue, and make claiming mechanic more natural.
Because of the new road system and the new reinforcing walls system this one has been solved with the next version!
Dwelvers version 0.9 released, this bug is solved but need confirmation.
I think this is a null issue now that roads are used to claim tiles. It should be marked solved.

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