Feature Upgrade Environment Idea - Wall model improvement
I think just changing the top might be easier, but what you suggest could work, provided it doesn't clash with lower tier walls. They need to look about the same standing next to one another, so it's not a stark contrast when one updates a wall amidst others; but still have a good visual que that indicates the level of reinforcement it has.

Though, I do like the idea of the texture reflecting the amount of reinforcement a wall has, and of what materials. It would just take some forethought to ensure that all material combinations do no visually clash with one another.

We also have to consider that a lot of these walls are going to be wall papered for various rooms.

How would a iron/wood enforced wall look if it's part of the dinning room?
Like I said, I like the idea. But changing the top seems easiest.

Though, even if the topper is used.. would that mean all walls above and below the wall in question be reinforced as well?

This might prove to be more difficult to implement than we initially thought. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe some sort of.. overlaid texture? Something similar to how the armor is applied to creature units?
I don't think that the upgrade would be applied to anything but the tile you select, so the one above and below wouldn't change. This would mean that the wall textures for rooms would also have to incorporate a visual indicator that they had been upgraded since there would be no other way unless it was on the top layer to see what level it was. It would take a bit of work to add the new textures, but the only other option I could see to indicate the wall level would be to just scroll over for tooltip, which may make a nice placeholder, but I wouldn't want to see that as the standard.
When the upgrade tool is selected and active we could have color codes showing what is possible to upgrade and not, then when the tool isn't active it could return back to normal.

The idea is that I would like to see it work on maybe some walls and maybe a building first, then later on in the development we can start giving the game more upgrading options.
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