New Feature! Environment Idea - First look at the lava
Fireballs jumping up and down out of the lava isn't that hard to fix. The bubbles are harder to get good, especially if ripples through the lava surface should be included Tongue Hmm... I agree that bubbles will look nicer, but if I am doing bubbles it will mostly just be an texture effect, no fancy 3D effect (for now anyways Wink).
Could also have dragons spitting fireballs, like in Super Mario. Wink
Strange thing... i can order to fetch the lava... but it becomes water block once in hand of imp... powerful magic indeed Smile
How about disabling lava from pickup untill there are means to fetch and store it implemented?
I will look into this, bug report created here:
One small thing... not sure if it's woth making separate topic.

Lava is still blue, like water, on minimap. Would be nice to see it as red plains. No big deal, but sometimes confuses. Especially when there is lot of small pools of both.
Good point hadn't noticed that one myself.
The lava color is now red Smile

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