Solved & Confirmed 0.8i - CPU Hog
Ok, so I have a computer with an Intel Core i7 Processor, a dedicated graphics disk, 8gig RAM, basically a good computer. This computer runs games like Skyrim, Folk Tail, and Civ5 without getting past 50% CPU usage (this with Firefox open and like 30 tabs in it lol) but whenever I try to run Dwelvers it instantly maxes out my CPU, lags everything I have running (even the game when I don't run anything else), and basically proves itself to be unplayable.

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I'm not sure if this is an issue with Dwelvers 0.8i, with my computer, or a combination of them both, but I felt that this should be moved along.

I must now proceed to ask the most obvious question ever asked: Is Dwelvers compatible with Windows 8?

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A Random Dwelver
Some how I doubt it has to do with windows 8 being the operating system...

Mine might not be able to play the game, but that is another issue entirely; crashing on menu.

Regardless mine is windows 8 64x as well, but quite a bit on the lower end when compared to what you have. I probably could play most those games you mentioned on low settings. civ 5 the only one I have tried, and that is on low settings with a couple medium ones.

My cpu doesn't go to max but have seen go up to 80% while my memory steady at 50%-70%

i only have a B960 dual core(2.2ghz) with 4gb ram.

Might have to do with it being a 32 bit program running on a 64 bit system, unsure. Dev might have to clarify that one. I just know that it is not windows 8, and might be due to something else.
Ok, I just mentioned the Windows 8 thing because that's the biggest change between my former computer and the one I have now, plus the steam info says Windows 7 under the recommended settings.
A Random Dwelver
i am in the same boat but i am running the game on a laptop. Less performance is expected but i didn't expect it to be so low.

Rasmus did promise to work on making the game run better and improvements have been made but there still is a long way to go.
I'm also running this on a laptop. None of my other games have this issue except Minecraft, but that's 'cause of the multiplayer aspect.
A Random Dwelver
I believe this may be because of this change I did in the last version:

I will try to optimize this part with the next version, added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
The game starts lagging before I even open any saves or start a new game (should have mentioned that sooner I think lol). Basically, if the game is running (even in the main/start menu) it's maxing out my CPU and lagging everything on my computer.

EDIT: If my other programs take up 15% CPU, Dwelvers takes up the other 85%, if my other programs take up 25%, Dwelvers eats 75%, and so on. It doesn't seem to have any direct effect on game speed (laggy regardless of how much CPU is used) and makes the game lag to the point of unplayable.

EDIT2: I also can't debug it because the game doesn't crash, it just lags it's way to being closed manually by me.
A Random Dwelver
the latest change you made is not to blame for the poor performance, i was having issues even before that. The improvements you made even before that did improve things a bit but nut by much. I suspect the issue isn't with the algorithms but with the way the game is invoking or handling moblie processors.
Hmm, it sounds like the threads in the game isn't letting the processors sleep. It should, but it seems not too, I will look into it and see if I may be able to log the thread performances and find the bottleneck.

I may add that on my computers Dwelvers isn't using more than 20 - 25% of the CPU usage, so I am really curious why it is using so much in your case. The whole idea is that the CPU should get some rest when the GPU is doing the rendering, but in your case it seems that the CPU is just looping the update and doing the rendering way to infrequently.
Solved with the next version (0.8j)!
Version 0.8j has been released, this bug is solved but need confirmation Smile
I'm sorry to report but i'm not noticing any increase in performance.
(13-02-2015, 11:57 AM)2Xmatch Wrote: I'm sorry to report but i'm not noticing any increase in performance.
what are you reporting? poor performance on your PC or CPU still at 100% after patch
The issue here was that the game got unplayable when the game required more and more of the cpu until it used up 100% and the game frozze. I am not expecting any performance boost from anyone that hasn't experienced this issue.
So, I assume it's still the issue Huh
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