Greeting from canada
hi everyone im MushyroomMan but you guys can call me mushyTongue i think that this game is the most amazing game and i have alot of ideas that might work for it as long as they have not been mentioned already or if they are even programably possible.
some ideas are mushroom people, dragons (in the over world, really rare),giants that stand two blocks tall, and diffrent Hand/dark mother options. of course only ideas that may have been mentiond or not but i have more where those come from mostly creature and animal ideas.
hope you enjoy my ideas.Blush
yours truly
[Image: 5.jpg]
Hi Mushy! Welcome to the forum. Glad to hear that you like Dwelvers.
You can post your ideas in the suggestions & feedbacks sub forum but I noticed you've already found that. Smile
Hey man, welcome to the group. Glad to hear you've come to love this game as we all here have, and these forums are a great place to discuss and make suggestions for Dwelvers. There is a List of Suggested Ideas pinned to the Suggestions Topic, so be sure to look those over before starting a new discussion. Sebt worked really hard on putting that together, and it makes keeping those things organized and accessible so that those good ideas don't get lost. As you could imagine, it could be very easy for the forum to become overwhelmed with disjointed posts and potentially lose some really good ideas if it wasn't organized in such a way.

By the way, I checked out your suggestion you posted earlier, and I think it has some potential, but remember we're still in Alpha phase which means that a lot of those ideas probably won't even be considered for implementation until the game goes to Beta where the core mechanics have been optimized and well established. That shouldn't discourage you from making suggestions, since this is one of the things that makes the forum great, and I really would like to see other things you may have in mind. Hope you don't take any offense to me pokin fun at your formatting there on that suggestion you posted, but I had too. LOL! Again, glad you could join us!
Greatings MushyroomMan Smile

Welcome to the forum and I am very pleased to hear that you like the game. As Kristian said and as I already seen you doing the thread for suggestions is a great place to put your ideas. It takes some time for me to get all the ideas in there, especially now as the game is still having its basics developed. But I do look through the ideas now and then for inspiration when a new feature is implemented Smile

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