Brainstorm Environment Idea - New zones (sewer,catacombs...)
Can sewers be added as a area like the cylotaur maze thats full of fishmen, rogues, and a boss creature of some kind maybe.
it would be placed under a human city in the over world with a portal in the middle

Also maybe a catacombs full of skeletons and zombie creatures.
this could be a area under a graveyard.

Deep portal for interctions with the deeper cave sytemsSmile
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I actually had this weird idea for catacombs that might be cool. See, in most games, your play the hero and you go into catacombs to find some ancient treasure or free damned souls. But, I was thinking. How did these catacombs get overrun with monstrous undead? And consider were sort of going with a sort of role reversal thing. What if catacombs were peaceful before we dreadful hands wonder a long? Maybe we could be the cause of such unrest..

I was thinking something along these lines. Perhaps to gain undead to your cause, you must first find a set of catacombs, then locate the center of it which is guarded by a Benevolent Spirit. which I imagine to look like a benevolent kink with a sort of.. genie tail thing. After you conquer him, then you can use your Nercolites (which is my version of a low tier mage creature, but y'know, whatever creature is made to suit that role) to raise various types of undead from the coffins. Maybe evenhaving to make offerings at the center that would help you maintain control over them, making them points you need to depend, which lines up with the theme of heroes coming to plunder cursed crypts.

And we are attuned with the whole grave yard thing, Mushroom, I think that would serve as a wonderful indicator there are catacombs beneath the surface. Perhaps even having some of them surrounded in a more solid rock so they can only be accessed from above at the beginning of the game?

Also, I sort of like the idea of a sewer biome beneath human cities. I like the idea of an biome that expands underground as well as above, sort of growing as the humans grow. Maybe this is where Rats could be found to aid in the construction of ratmen?
brilliant khaos frog and when you defeat the spirit in the center then a door or gate will open to to the world for access from your dungeon so you dont have to go through the overworld when a sacrifice is required

and my thought on the Deep Gate/Portal is to eventually have a deeper cave system maybe with more evil beings like you could go there to get the droggs this would also add to the size of the world.

the sewers would definetly be a way to extend Down the place would have goblins and humans patroling it with a way up in the center
into the center and then you have to find the king or lord running the castle.

i would find Dragon caves an interesting adition as well
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Dragon caves would be pretty sweet. Y'know, this game does need dragons.

As for a portal underground. I like it, not sure it should be tied to this event though. I saw catacombs as something more of just getting undead creatures. Gathering more and more tombs to produce more and more undead creatures.
yea the catacombs would be a good bone farm to.
i can imagine having a farm of moss and bones in 1 of the corners of the catacomb while the middle has a altar and the rest would be booby traps and coffin storage. Smile

1 little problem with the dragon cave is well the dragons they are quite big and i could imagine them taking up a 2 by 2 by 2 space this would require a prison big enough to hold it and then the dark mother may not be big enough to eat it so you would never get the help of dragon fire on your side as you storm the pesky humans city. then the help of a dragon would be resricted to outside or in the larger areas of your dungeon. so this idea may require a smaller type of dragon like a Wyvern or Chimera.
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Now when we have lava I am imagining a new creature type that can withstand the lava. Maybe a rock golem of some sort, and if we have rock golems they should have an home as well, perhaps some area in the middle of the lava lakes making the player eager to build stone bridges over there. This is just one idea I had in mind.

I like the sewer idea because this can be built in the bottom of the dungeon while we have the cyclotaur maze at the top. Maybe this is something that could span near big lakes?
Yeah a rock/iron golem would be cool, but really any creature could be given rock/metal skin to allow for even more diversity. Dragonscale is often considered impervious to such things so you could even go with a creature that utilizes that.

I'm all for the sewer idea, and whether or not it is at the top level beneath a city or the lower levels, I think either way is cool and helps promote the biome idea.
how about a creature made of rock and lava and needs lava to stay "lit" the creature could be called a Magmar and it will be turned into a golem if it goes in water. Wink
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A Golem? What do you think then about this idea posted long time ago in Golems ? It is a whole Golem making process described, resources specially created to make them (I.e. Basalt), etc.
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I had forgotten about that one. Having different elemental types would be awesome if we get Golems added, each with their own benefits and disadvantages; some might even cancel each other out like a Fire vs Ice Golem.
(30-01-2015, 11:23 PM)Sebt Wrote: A Golem? What do you think then about this idea posted long time ago in Golems ? It is a whole Golem making process described, resources specially created to make them (I.e. Basalt), etc.

Sorry maybe not a golem if they touch water they could sink and drown much faster in water
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I liked it Sebt. I'd actually prefer constructing them to finding them wild. I'm sure we can come up with a better lava creature. Though, might I suggest if ya'll do go with Sebt's idea, or some version of it, that the name of the Arkisan be changed to Archanist? Maybe it's just me, but that name has always bugged me.

No to derail, but y'know, I've been just yammering random off topic ideas off lately just to get them out there, since writing the showcase is taxing. But I had this idea involving sort of three classifications of, I'm not sure what to call it.. Advancement categories, maybe? Anyway, the three I came up with were Lichcraft, Gagemancy, and Erudition.

Lichcraft would be your mages/ priests, combining the two into it's own field. And lore wise would be power given by the dark gods deep, deep below. This would use Nethergy, which is a take on basic 'mana'. except it needs to be found, and harassed. It would involve everything from your basic Dungeon Master cast spells, to darker rituals that involve sacrifices and alike. And could be advanced through study of ancient 'relics' underground.

Gagemancy would basically be a take on monstrous Engineering. And would be things like machinery and trap making, a sort of not so Victorian steam punk that the games already radiating. But further than just traps. They would advance through finding strange machinery that could be found in bits and pieces underground. And would require drafting design specs. They would work in the workshop.

And Erudition, which I'm not set on the name. This would be a sort of dark science/chemistry/ alchemy, and would rely and altering the properties of things versus the borrowed power of gods. This would encompass the fields of making Hybrids, Golems, and even making potions and alike. They would advance through study of various plants, dissection, and things of that nature. They would do their research in the Laboratory.

All these scholarly Advancement Categories would require study of some sort, and the findings could become Books, Semantics, that would be kept in the Library, which could act sort of like a storage room for all the knowledge you have acquired. That way, each book in your library represents something. Maybe even slews of books for one advanced advancement, make the shelves look nice and full.

But, back on my derailed topic, each of these advancement cadigories would have their own specialty creature. With a sort of low tier creature can can assist sort of like an imp for the nerd types. Which I've been calling the Necrolite.

Maybe the Archanist.. Yes, I just called them that, could be expanded to suit this? A sort of dark scientist sort? Give them a bit more usefulness than just the high tier golem construction. After all, your creatures will always be suited for potions or alike.

Also, there wouldn't just be 3 advancement categories, there would also be stuff like beast lore, architecture, Outfitting (armor and swords). Each with there own little quirks, allowing the player to expand out in a way they wish to grow. Anyway, I've been wanting to share my thoughts on this for a while. So, there it is.
The library sounds like an interesting way of storage but it would need to be placed close to all of the rooms and you might even need a few and i dont want a library dungeon or a giant room for all my random books i may never see anyone other then a necrolite or archanist reading because we have a dungeon full of monster who would rather kill each other then read a book and i doubt many can read anyway a cyclotaur would get an eyesore, imps arnt the kinda workers to read in the few seconds of free time they get, impanzees and orcs would rather be killing, fishmen should be fighting and catching fish, piggehs are the only current creature i see reading other then a bored knight that cant train because all the training dummies are taken
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