Feature Upgrade I & S - Fixing the items menu!
And now it was time to get the items menu in order as well Smile

Looks great i see a pants, helmet and boots slot does this mean we will get these soon???
[Image: 5.jpg]
Oi. Completely random, but, what happened to the imp-head candles?

Okay, I'm not going to do that. Stating some random thing and disregarding the work here. It looks like it's coming a long nicely. And Mushroomman, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that just because they framework for them to be included is present, doesn't mean X mas is coming early this year.

We all want the sexy.. We all want the spice that gives the meat that delectable flavor. But without the meat, the core stuff, it's just a bunch of flavored dust. So, with that in mind, let me say this. That looks like a damn fine leg of lamb your working on there, Ramus.
Good stuff, my only criticism is the icon for the 'other items'. I would hope that eventually raw resources would be segmented from production items, but that's not really that important. Since we don't have the shards anymore, and many people may not even remember them, how about we change the icon to something like this?

[Image: TV3p.png]
Very nice. Looks like a better way than before. I think. Well nice regardless, especially considering in tabs. I do have to agree with mello on the resource icon as it is not really catchy as being resource tab.

Like the image presented, mello.Smile That I think would fit just right.
Thanks, yeah and since it uses pngs already in the game, it's extremely easy to reproduce, and really I formatted it the same as the icons in game, so you could just download that one and insert.
This update affected the save games a little. So standard candles and clothes can be affected in old save games. But nothing gamebreaking, the savegames will still work Smile

I finally got the whole items menu functional and this is the result. It works as before, but it looks better and is easier to understand I think.

Crafting menu:

Trading menu:

And sorry, Mello didn't see your new icon until to late, but I got it in this last screenshot Wink
Looks really big! But I have one question.. do there really need to be BORDERS? Big Grin
You know, modern websites as modern games don't use borders or do, but max up to 1px width, just to not look like from 1999.

I know that having borders makes everything quite unreadable, eyes has to concentrate on different shapes and colors at once and they'e getting tired faster too - just try to make table 2px borders in Excel for example. Every border width on this forum I changed to 1px or 0px, because it was distracting me a lot.

I know everything is on early state, but have you thought about the better look of BORDERS? Big Grin
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Well the two new ones look nice. compact and easier to read that what they were before.

The only thing that bugs me is the trade window's description. Shouldn't it be something like trade orders, as it is in reference to trading not crafting. O_o

Or maybe trade agreement... Unsure. I understand it being basically crafting, but actually based upon portals and unlocks for the moment. But is a trade route to be used.

Well it is a thought.Smile
Yeah, I totally missed that, it should be trade instead of crafting, or maybe change it to just shipments?
ooo that was the word I was looking for, thanks... That sounds better I think. Shipments.Smile

or well just Shipment without the plural, since orders is already plural...
Sorry about that, it will be fixed. I just copied the headline from the crafting menu and forgot to change it :S
Imho, the crafting +/- buttons clould be a bit thinner, or placed under items icon coz now they cover almost a half of it, thus making it less clear to the eye.
definitely like the look of, now that I am able to see it in game.Smile

Dispite the lack of armor choice for certain mobs, the paladin human. I found that equipment setup quite handy for the ones you could assign.

The trade window does look better now. It all is a nice change. Still trying to figure out the reason for 9 being the max trade times. As in how many clicks before it is a new shipment to get together. Might help to have some min/max ways to do it. You have the minimum with the click, but not a max with one click; in those cases to just do a full shipment trade.

Just an idea I had of that.

Are there going to be specific bound keys to bring up these windows in their respective tabs? Didn't really check, as I have been using the 2 button on the top... >< Just nice to play again.Smile

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