Solved & Confirmed 0.8j-2 - Creatures attacking ladders
Seems there is another ai bug here. In last game enemies stuck at attacking my ladders. I remember they destroyed them in previous versions. Now they swing at it, but never hit. Similar to Statue bug.
Hmm, interesting.

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I can't reproduce this issue. Do you have a savegame?
I had little time to play recently, but here it is. Brand new savegame.

It's quite easy for me to reproduce - works every time. Start on impossible to save time. Dig around DM two blocks deep. Then build ladder on every tile around DM. Turn every ladder OUTside of the DM, so that imps wont lure enemies to it. Wait. Once rogues break in, they'll stuck on first ladder they encounter. And that ladder is most hated of all. Even if another group of rogues come in from another direction, they'll head to that ladder aswell. As long as no imp/creature interferes they'll stay there forever attacking ladder. After they got disturbed they tend to attack as normal, but if they choos another (or same) ladder, they got stuck again.
i played with it a bit more. It may be connected to creatures AI. I discovered that most of times they ignore ladders built on unclaimed tiles. But once they are on claimed blocks enemies stuck on attacking them.
Another thing i discovered is that enemies will in most cases stuck if DM (or another destination point) is unreachable. The way i reproduce the issue seem to exploit that behaviour - 2 block deep trench around DM filled with ladders turned outwards - this way they can't climb, can't destroy, can't place dirt to fill the trench, and finally get stuck attacking one of the ladders (all enemies tend to hate most one that was attacked at the very beggining). When i rotate ladder to make path to DM, new enemies ignore ladders and head to DM, but once i turn ladder back they target ladder to attack (unless they are attacking DM already).
Thank you Smile I will look into it!
Solved with the next version!
Dwelvers version 0.9 released, this bug is solved but need confirmation.
This one has been resolved. Now that DMs sit on a Pyramid (at least every map I've run was like that) the ladder strategy you used no longer works. I also built a ladder near an unclaimed portal which now is easier to keep around without claiming. I put a road at the top and bottom so it was effectively on claimed space. Enemies used my ladder and destroyed the roads instead.
This was a really tricky one. I remember working on it for almost a whole day. Glad that I got it confirmed Tongue

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