Solved & Confirmed 0.8j-2 - Prt Scr Won't Screen Capture
I was trying to take a snapshot earlier using the print screen key, but all I got was white. I was able to take a snapshot from Steam tho.
i was just about to post about that. Was really surprised when i got great shot of a bug... and its blank Sad
Hmm... I was able to do it just fine...

Then again I use gimp, and that usually has not ever had that problem, when other programs I have used in past that did with other games...

wonder if it is due to operating system or program used to paste image, or a little of both.

Anyway i got it to work with gimp, and I am running windows 8.

See if that helps, or is that what you are using?

Also are you using fullscreen or windowed. I used windowed as it never has worked in fullscreen with any game.
This is not an issue I think I can solve. On my computer I can't take screenshots of fullscreen games at all. One way to solve this issue is to have a screenshot key like F11 in the game or something like that. So that will probably be my solution.

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
That's weird you can't take full screen screenshots. I know I was doing this religiously all the way up to 0.8i, didn't get to j before j2 came out so I'm not sure. The solution to add a screenshot key isn't a bad idea and maybe have a screenshot directory under the AppData folder where saves are being stored. Also, adding a shortcut to it in the program menu would be awesome. You can use the environment variable %userprofile% then the rest of the path to make the shortcut work for any Windows user.

As a side note, I'm using Windows 7 on all my systems and use Adobe Fireworks for image edits. Tested in Paint too just to be sure, but got the same results. Maybe the issue will go away in 0.9.
Yeah an in game button for it might help to get a full screen snapshot. I know I am able to when some games do that. Although I don't mind taking in windowed mode...

Paint isn't really all that helpful in my experience, since it doesn't handle layers all that well, if at all. Reason I had to look for an alternate program... Mainly due to needing something for the old rpg maker series. Regardless that other seems to be a decent one, never used that one before. Used to photoshop and gimp.

Having a define directory for snapshots would be a must, if to add a button for in game capturing in full screen.Smile
Yeah, I just used paint to see if the problem was Fireworks, or the issue came from screenshots made from Dwelvers. Paint sucks, but hey you can save pngs now so that's progress? LOL
I didnt have any problems taking screenshots in fullscreen earlier. Thats definetely some bug in recent version.

Implementing ingame screenshots is ok. It would be cool to see an option to override default image path, so you can choose where to store images.
true enough... progress...*L*

Yes a separate default and the ability choose another path would be quite useful... Tend to put screenshots of games in a general location other than the game itself...><
Solved with the next version!

So, what I did was that when the player presses print-screen it will dump the screen to a folder in the app data directory as well as copying it to the clipboard. Why I am not doing anything with this bug is because I am certain that the reason is not that easily solvable. I believe it has to do with the format of the backbuffer the game is using and the format of the backbuffer windows is using. If these are not the same then this white screen gets generated where the game window is. Since the last version I let the graphiccard choose the best format for the resolution it is using in fullscreen, before that I forced a format on it and that was when it worked.
i always used Steam's print screen function after the steam release. I do agree, this feature should definitely exist if you have a non steam version.
Version 0.8k has been released, this bug needs confirmation from the players Smile
Is there a set key? I didn't see one in the menu. I tried the old fashioned way, but I still get the white screen.


Ok, I just missed the message before, but when you PrtScr it goes to AppData in a screenshots folder. That's nice and all, but if possible I would like to be able to screen shot like I was and copy directly into Fireworks. I can already do the other thing in Steam and it's easier to get to.
What do you mean "copy directly into Fireworks"?
Now I have to open a file if I want to edit it in Adobe Fireworks, whereas before I just pasted my screenshot from the copy PrtScr put in the clipboard.

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