Solved & Confirmed 0.8j-2 - Picking up lava becomes water
When picking up lava the item the imps pick up is water blocks and not lava blocks!
Solved with the next version!
Version 0.8k has been released, this bug needs confirmation from the players Smile
Now that there are 2 options to fetch, one for water and one for lava, you don't have the same situation causing the issue to begin with. I can verify that when you harvest lava, it shows up as a lava object and lava in inventory. Those Imps have some tough forearms! LOL
Hehe, okay so they do pick up the lava now, even if it is unlikely that they will hold it with their hands. In the future I will probably replace some models and animations there to add some more realism.
Working as it should. It's fun to see those glowing blocks now in hand of imps. It reminds me minecraft's glowstone a bit Smile

Imho i think one option to fetch would be enough - the item specified is on the ground, and there is no need to choose type again in menu.
And i think you could make icons for pouring water/lava more distinguishabe on first sight - let's say buckets on icons are actually pouring some liquid, so is easily visible what type it is.
Something like this i shape.
[Image: color_fill.png]

Apropos animation - i think they could just throw bucket with rope/chain and pull it back filled. Easy and simple i think.
I agree, the icons need to be better defined!

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